New/Returning Pieces Hit Cartier Web Site USA

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  2. That XL Love Cuff looks AMAZING!!!!
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  3. Can anyone tell me the dimensions of it?
    Does anyone have any action shots of it?
  4. Is Xl sized? You can order on line, but no size choices. Odd.
  5. Love love the small diamond love. Will that be permanent?
  6. #7 Jan 5, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
    Prior to the New Year I haven't seen the XL LOVE cuff on the Cartier website but when Mom and I went to the boutique to change her cord color for her Trinity bracelet after our New Year's Day brunch... I spotted it.....the XL! So I ordered one! Happy New Year to me! image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  7. I LOVE it!!! Congrats!! I’m sooo jealous!!!
    More modeling pictures please!!!!
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  8. The XL has been ordered on New Year's Day and I am patiently waiting. The manager will call me when it arrives. I hope I get a bottle of their yummy holiday champs.
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  9. I’m so happy for you! Is it one size fits all?
  10. No, you chose your size. It's the same as choosing sizes for your LOVE bracelet or cuff.
    You really should try one on.
    I really fell in love when I first saw it years back in photos on the Internet and now that Cartier has reintroduced this piece, I knew I had to have it.
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  11. I fell in love when I first saw it years back in pictures too! I would love one too but I think I ran out of arm room. Lol

    Please post a bunch of pictures when you get it.
  12. Congrats!!!!
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  13. Beautiful! Congratulations on the new piece! Do you mind sharing how many cts your tennis bracelet is? I love it!
  14. Just got my 2nd love bracelet. 1st yg and 2nd is yg with diamonds. Wondering if I made a mistake by not just going with a tennis bracelet. I feel like I need something to separate them. Not sure if I shld return for a TB or hold out so that a TB goes between. Wondering though if the TB would move around too much and slide under the love bracaelts? Any advice??
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