New Love Pieces

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  1. Popped by the store and saw these pieces were out. No idea about pricing though but here are pictures!
    554055DD-5DEC-46AB-86EE-07695797012F.jpeg 64B5D690-3449-42DA-8CBD-AE8DF0F25A81.jpeg
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  2. in the second photo is that a larger wider version of the love bracelet or love cuff? Thank you
  3. Wow. XL version of the classic love?
  4. It's back again. :love::girlsigh:
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  5. Oooh, wide version of LOVE! I don't think I could wear it but what a great option for people looking for a more substantial LOVE!
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  7. Looks nice, but it looks to masculine. Although I am a guy but I like the regular sized love bracelet. Was there a price? Is this a cuff?
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  8. Interesting! Thanks for sharing. This XL version isn't on the US website yet. It's not my style (the original size is perfect IMO), but I'm curious how much it costs.
  9. [​IMG]

    I like the XL stacked.
  10. Very nice. :tup: . It's on my wish list. :drinks:
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  11. Wow, these are actually all archive pieces - I wonder if they are permanently re-introducing them into all Cartier stores and online again, or if your store was a large special store that stocked these items.

    The new Cartier store in London has the original "Crash" watch displayed - really cool to see in person :smile:
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  12. I would be so pleased if they'd bring back the circa 2006 screwdriver pendant. I owned the tube pendant for years but would love to repurchase the screwdriver pendant with diamonds!
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  13. That XL :heart:
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  14. Double that..., wonder how much.
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  15. Pieces are now all on the Canadian website! Photos from original post was at the Yorkdale store in Toronto.
    What do you guys think about the leather one?
    A6E02B4E-5D2C-4267-8035-80E93B10AB9F.png 76EAB786-B423-4853-828B-864D17AD0A74.png 67480910-1BBC-49FC-BD3A-F5D837DE08C8.png 2368A675-9489-41FE-BBBD-2EBE5A5B951B.png