New Hermes Bag: 2018 24/24 Bag


Jan 20, 2007
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I do lust a bit after the 24/24 in black but it comes only with gold hardware, which I don't like and the fact that it has no shoulder strap... The Bridado backpack could tempt me, but they don't make that in black....
It comes with a shoulder strap for size 29. Reposting image shared earlier from here.

Nope, only been offered it in the gold hardware and unless my SA lies and the website lies, the hardware is gold plated and the Bridado comes in very limited colours....
There's a black 24/24 with phw on display at FSH shared earlier in this thread here.
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Feb 5, 2018
It comes with a shoulder strap for size 29. Reposting image shared earlier from here.

There's a black 24/24 with phw on display at FSH shared earlier in this thread here.
OK, I happily run that past my SA and tell her she knows less than some poster on the PF, that will go down a treat, personally, I think the shoulder strap looks uncomfy and the hardware colour not quite there, I like the idea but again, other bags in that price range seem to have more to offer, sorry, most of the H bags just do not do it for me, I like a lot of H, but the bags seem to be totally overrated, I rather buy something that works for me and stick with their other stuff, they are a great company but I pass on the bags, as I said, some might be tempting but not tempting enough, if I am spending in that range, I want it all. But then I am not mega rich, I can afford them but I don't want to, if that makes sense. I find it amusing that I get offered bags that are apparently super rare and once in a life time opportunities, because they simply do not appeal. I am not buying a statement, I want to buy something I can use, and I want the colour and hardware I want. FFS, I am paying for it, they aren't doing me a favour by taking a lot of money
Jan 16, 2019
I wonder if the flaps are still heavy for mini size. I tried size 29, it too heavy for me. Also I found some press picture showing the flaps weight press the bag body and its shape cannot hold. Wait for more comments in this post.


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Oct 17, 2020
So glad I found this thread! I'm strongly considering this beauty in the 29, mostly because of the daily practical use (exterior phone slot!). Anyone use a J28 strap instead to make it crossbody or does it make it too heavy looking? Feedback on width of the 29 when wearing? I'm 5'4" as reference. Thx!


Oct 27, 2015
My thoughts about the 24/24 29 after carrying it for a week:
1. It is quite easy to get in and out of... especially if comparing to a Kelly. The turnlock is quite easy to close when the bag is full.
2. Because of its shape, it is a bigger bag than the jypsiere 28. It fits a lot more than the jypsiere but slightly less than a birkin 30, especially because you would have to close the flap of the 24/24.
3. The strap length is great for the size of this bag, for me anyway, I am 5’2”. Because it is bigger than the jypsiere 28, I would not use the strap from jypsiere on this bag because it would hang a lot lower and it would be a lot clumsier.
4. However, I would think the bag would be a lot more comfortable to carry with a wider strap.
5. I thought it being a bit off-balanced would drive me crazy. But it actually didn’t bother me much. This could be due to the shorter strap length so it can sit closer to my body.
6. I love the back pocket/exterior phone slot!!! Super functional for anything that you may need access to.

That’s all for now... These are my observations but I am sure it’s going to be a bit different for everyone.
I am completely comfortable carrying my B/K on a daily basis so when my SA tried to sell this to me as a more “casual”/under the radar bag for when I don’t want to carry the B/K around... it wasn’t much of a selling point...
But I got it because it is a nice looking bag... It has only been a week and so far so good... :smile:


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Oct 17, 2020
Hugely helpful thank you so much for taking this time! Exactly what I was hoping to learn. Maybe I’ll try a strap extender, or re-purpose one from another brand. Really appreciate the size comparison’s after you have used the bag. I feel the J28 is small for my daily needs. Was concerned the 24/24 29 would be too big. The strap and phone storage are a huge draw for me for daily use. I’d be willing to use a Kelly R32 or 28 as a daily bag, b
yet ease in and out and access to the phone is important.

huge thank you again!
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