New 2016 Louis Vuitton Bags

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  1. Do you know the strap drop length for the new boetie? I can't seem to find it anywhere

  2. I believe i read that the Metis is coming out in Empriente. Can anyone confirm / provide amy details?
  3. It is :smile: check out the 2017 thread [emoji177]
  4. Where's the 2017 thread? I can't find it.
  5. Just wondering how you like the Pont Neuf compact wallet.
    I saw it in person and it is so beautiful. But I placed my cards in it and it was sort of tight and bulky. I did love the small size. I ended up purchasing the empreinte cles/ key pouch instead which fit the same amount and isn't at all bulky. I love the cles and empreinte leather so much that I'm considering purchasing the wallet too now. I suppose it will loosen up:smile:
  6. Ok, I tried the pont neuf compact wallet again and purchased it in black. I placed my cards & everything else in it and it fit perfectly without the bulkiness I thought I experienced the 1st time. It has a surprisingly spacious bill fold with an additional space on the end of the bill fold to place receipts or folded bills... It was also easy to get my coins out of the zippered compartment because of the gusset. It's so compact but spacious... it's Truly unbelievable. Well done LV. I love this wallet!
    I looked at Chanel wallets prior to purchasing this wallet but nothing came close to this LV for me. The compactness and space, design and feel of the empreinte... I can't say enough about this wallet!!!
  7. IMG_0890.JPG I wanted to share this beautiful piece.
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  8. lo
    love this po
  9. ROFL!
  10. I have a question people. Are they slowly discontinuing the Zippy Coin Purse style? Do you guys have any intel one the new designs coming for the ZCP otherwise?
    Thanks in advance
  11. Does anyone know the strap length of the croisette?
  12. Did you check the LV website, probably listed on there.
  13. I did not see it on there. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  14. If it's any help at all, I'm 5ft tall and the strap was too long for me as shoulder carry but it was good as crossbody. Im sorry I cant measure it bc I sold it I use my Siena Pm strap instead which is adjustable.
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