New 2016 Louis Vuitton Bags

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  1. When will we see what's new for 2016
  2. New bags and accessories will start showing up in December for the Spring/Summer collections. Expect to see big focus on pinks and summery blues
  3. my SA said everything is late this season but the new cookbooks should be out by months end, just in time for the holidays

  4. Blue?! Yay!!
  5. I've seen a lot of pinks this year, so I'm hoping that LV will release some beautiful greens, blues, and purples for 2016
  6. My SA showed me some pics from the new lines and the pink I saw was a little on the coral side. Also a brighter blue

  7. me tooo... Pink is a bit juvenile sometimes... would love to see purple!
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  8. Hi! Is the bright blue on epi or empreinte? Looking forward to more blue and purple, too.
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  9. Went to the trunk show today, next April there will be an Epi line with leather patchwork and sequins in the shape of parrot and owl on it. Super cute.
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  10. Ooh! So interesting. Can't wait!
  11. And Nano Noé is coming in Epi too.

  12. Aha! That's something to look forward to!
  13. YAS! Now I wished I waited for the Nano Noé in Épi instead of getting the Monogarm. Anyhow, it's coming in Pivone and Indigo, retailed for $1,110.

    The Owl line is super cute. There's an Petite Malle and the Twist Bag that's covered in sequins that make up the face of an owl.

    New Louise Wallet with the LV initial made out of jewels. New Capucines BB in Sequins in Noir and Rose, plus a Tweed Capucines in Pastel Blue.
  14. Thank you for the intel! :biggrin:

  15. Ohhh, how exciting! But I just got a Noé BB and I am anxiously waiting for the new backpack to come out. I am new to LV, what colour is Pivone? And is indigo blue colour?