New 2016 Louis Vuitton Bags

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  1. Congratulations on your purchase do a reveal! Is the raisin color for the speedy 20 on the website pretty accurate to the color you saw in person? Thanks!
  2. This IMG_1480072634.845921.jpg new steamer bag just arrived the Toronto LV Maison.
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  3. Hmmm I'm not sure about this one. It just reminded me of that 'Busted Year 3000' music video with the 3 breasted 'babes'
  4. Totally agree
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  5. This color is gorgeous! Wish they had a no-pockets version
  6. My new empreinte rouge cles, I also saw the Montaigne and Sarah wallet in the same print
    at the store


    Not sure if it's a new product or not but I also saw these scarfs at the store - it's called "monogram v fur shawl"
  7. Does anybody have any modeling shots with the One handle flap? I love this!
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  8. It reminds of the Mulberry Roxanne with all the straps.
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  9. Not really into fur, but that scarf is very pretty!
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  10. I am thinking on buying Pont Neuf Compact Wallet, can anyone please advise whether to get it in Cherry or Noir? I have a prada viola zip wallet anf another gold key pouch. Contemplating whethr to go for classic black or striking red colour!
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  11. Go for the red! Sound like that's how you're leaning - so go for it.
  12. IMG_1481425834.589565.jpg The Berri
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  13. Thanks! I have placed an order for the red one!

  14. Do you know the strap drop length for the new boetie? I can't seem to find it anywhere
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