my wardrobe

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    I'm editing this post out as - as Jenova has mentioned - you have 2 posts - both of which are 'touting'

    Please ensure that you read the Forum Rules - whilst genuine 'tips' are welcomed - please don't post if you are 'touting'.
  2. There were plenty in Mulberry Edinburgh yesterday.
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    Isn't the Mulberry website going to restock soon too? (Excuse me but both of your 2 posts seem to be promoting MyWardrobe which makes me wonder whether this is advertising.)

    Spotted :tup:
  4. Regular oak Alexa on 'my-wardrobe' and the AMEX20 code should still work!

    (I know this will get moved and everyone might know already!!!!)
  5. I can't see it?
  6. Me neither
  7. AMEX20 didn't work last time I tried it either. They said that it didn't apply to that item.
  8. ^^ It worked when I looked at the black Bays earlier today (I didn't buy it though! Honest! :greengrin:smile:
  9. oh MF you should have!!!
  10. ^^ I'd have been seriously tempted if it had silver hardware.....:love:
  11. now that would be gorgeous!! I too prefer silver and only wear silver jewellery....i can cope wtih the brass as long as its restrained...but silver coloured HW would be gorgeous!
  12. I can't see them either...........must have sold out!
  13. must have sold out!!!! It was definately there- honest!!!!! keep your eyes peeled!
  14. alexa is back at my wardrobe. and the amex20 code works
  15. If you use quidco you'll get 10% off on top of the 20%
    (worked for me on my last order)