my wardrobe

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  1. Sad day :tdown: I've had some fantastic deals from MW on my bags and I'll miss the reward vouchers too.
  2. Me too Teddies, the girl i spoke to today said they would still have loads of other lovely bags but it's not going to be the same. I have had some awesome deals from them, now it's going to be even more of a bunfight come sales time for everyone.
    Not for me though because I'm on a BAN. :banned:
  3. That's such a good buy :biggrin:

    I returned a Birds Nest Carter (nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't right for me) a couple of days ago so that should be back on the website in about a week or so.
  4. Me too - I am off to Post Office tomorrow to return the same as what you bought Esmerelda. I noticed you are in Oz - which online retailer do you normally use? :smile:
  5. Usually My-wardrobe, NAP (love their free returns) or Harrods because they deduct VAT. I only buy from when they have their sales on. Jeez it's exxy sending bags back to the UK isn't it :tdown: