my wardrobe

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  1. Does anyone know when the AMEX20 code will run out?
  2. I think somene said it was april, they saw it on the amex site

    best to check though

  3. Just in case anyone wanted one... could take advantage of 20% discount code....
  4. oooh think its gone already!!!
  5. i have one in my basket, but will be letting it go as to big for me! still waiting in the hope they put a oak alexa on there!
  6. ^ I think you made a good cal BMB as any other bag at the moment is just going to be a settler until your Alexa is in your hands :biggrin:

    Really hope it goes to a PFer tho, would be lovely to see modelling pics of this bag IRL!
  7. yes it would so we can see what it looks like on!
  8. If anyone uses a Paypal account & plans to buy anything through My Wardrobe ... you can get 7% cash back on all purchases through Paypal Offers!

    Handy if there is going to be any more Alexa buying frenzies :biggrin:
  9. wow, LMM, how does that work?
  10. You log onto the Paypal Offers page .. then find the link to My Wardrobe .. & go to the site via the link. It tracks your purchases & you then get the 7% back into your Paypal account ... I think after 90 days or something like that. You have to go through Paypal offers to get it though!
  11. I used to use that - but the 10% Quidco works out slightly better :tup: It's 10% of the item price, excluding VAT & postage.
  12. Looks like there's only 1. Think discount still works.
  13. That was short lived...
  14. None left now......:yahoo: