My outlet loot, BRIDGIT, ALI....and did I mention that I am so banned??!

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  1. I'm in HUGE trouble.........but also basking in the glow of my new gorgeous Coach bags. DH doesn't know it all, so let's keep this hush-hush, shall we? :graucho:

    To baglady and the lovely ladies who voted during my metallic Carly vs. platinum Bridgit dilemma, here is lovely BRIDGIT that I recently ordered at my boutique.

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  2. And from this weekend's outlet trip with my sister, comes the following:

    - whiskey Leigh (the Legacy scarf is a prior purchase from the last PCE) for an awesome $259 from $658!!!
    - whiskey Legacy shoulder bag (for $159 from $448!!)
    - black leather factory-exclusive book bag/tote
    - gold Legacy jewelry case (outlet bargain for $25....down from $148!!!)
    - bandana print umbrella
    - bandana print wristlet
    - Ipod case
    - white leather wallet (forgot the name)
    - metallic keyfob
    - scribble ponytail scarf

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  3. omy goodness, for a second there, i thought you were saying you got bridget at the outlet. i almost left to
  4. WOW you got TONS of nice stuff!! That Bridgit is awesome!
  5. And last but not least, my latest Ebay signature ALI slim flap!! I've been wanting this bag since joining tPF (thanks to all you ALI enablers and members of the ALI support group!!)

    And did I mention how much I love BRIDGIT and LEIGH???? And ALI is lovely, too, though I am sure I will love her even more when I start using her.

    Right now I am carrying Leigh and I have gotten so many compliments on her. She is sooooo gorgeous, and I love her size. The leather is so rich and supple, and I love the Legacy lining. I have put Applegard on her to keep her safe.....thanks to everyone who shared their tips and ideas.

    Bridgit is beautiful - I just love looking at her. :drool::drool::drool:

    Yes, I have been busy.........and now I am soooo BANNED! :shame:

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  6. Great haul! Love that leigh and book tote!
  7. WOW :wtf: That's quite a haul!!!! I love the Leigh especially! Congrats on some great things! :tup:
  8. i love the gold jewelry case...what a steal! very nice haul, congrats.
  9. I REALLY want a bridgit! Would you mind posting pictures of her full??
  10. Yes, luckily I had some Coach merchandise credit that I got to use during the outlet trip. $650 credit goes a loooong way at the outlets - enough to buy the 2 Legacy bags and some accessories. I'm still amazed at how much I got, esp. with the extra 20% and 30% discounts that my outlet had.

    Bridgit was the usual $499, while Ali was BIN for $199 (plus shipping) at Ebay.
  11. Sure, I'll get some pics of her tonight or tomorrow then post them this weekend. Keep checking this thread....
  12. ^^thank you :smile:
  13. Congrats on the shopping spree! I can't believe you got the makeup case for that price! If I could find one in the legacy stripe, I'd be in heaven!
  14. Wow, great haul!!! :tup:
  15. They had a nice selection this weekend. I picked up some nice stuff yesterday.