My outlet loot, BRIDGIT, ALI....and did I mention that I am so banned??!

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  1. Yes!!! The tag was marked 50% off (the $148) and I was more than happy to get it for $74 (I had wanted one for ages). When I got to the register, the SA said: "This is marked down even more. Waaay more. You are getting a great deal. This is coming up to $24."

    I was amazed - a whopping 82% off!! I inspected the case for any marks, stains, etc. to make sure it wasn't damaged. Everything was perfect. My sister was so bummed that I got to it first!

    My sister also got a very unique Gallery-type tote with studs - retail for $528; she paid $159. Another great deal.

    This is what my bargain jewelry case looks like in the inside - pockets have the Legacy lining...

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  2. YOU DID AMAZING!!! Wow, great finds and that bridgit is gorgeous! I want that makeup case! What a steal, lucky lucky! I might have to go to the outlet tomorrow even though I totally shouldn't!
  3. You found some gorgeous pieces, but yes, you are a bad, bad, girl :smile:

  4. LOL!!! Yeah, my DH will totally agree with you, I'm sure.
  5. girrrrrrrrrrrl your husband is going to get you! I hope you have a really good hiding spot for all your goodies. But seriously, great haul and hope he doesn't join tpf! LOL
  6. You got a lot of gorgeous stuff! I have been wanting a jewelry case and at $25! omg! :woohoo:

    Can I ask how much was the outlet exclusive leather tote? The leather looks so nice and soft...
  7. Wow---Great stuff---SUPER prices!!!! WTG!

  8. I love all your purchases. Congrats on your shopping spree.
  9. wow, you sure are well outfitted for the summer! I got that same bookbag (I think it's called the lunch tote) but in this pretty shade of blue... I was torn between the blue and the black, and it seems to be working very well so far!
  10. Wow, that is some haulage!! I am amazed at how much great stuff you got. I love the whiskey leather pieces especially! And of course, who doesn't love Bridget?
  11. LOL, me too! I was ready to jump in my car and drive a couple hours to my closest outlet.

    mama, here is a photo of my Bridgit full of stuff - it holds a lot more than you would think. It expands without looking too bulky and even with everything that is listed here I could have gotten quite a bit more in it. Here's what I have inside:

    Chelsea medium zip-around wallet;
    Legacy mini skinny (with turnlock pocket on front);
    Palm Treo;
    Vintage leather skinny cosmetic case;
    Keys; and
    Miscellaneous receipts/papers.

  12. You got some great stuff! I love my leather Leigh and shoulder bags - great choices! All of your other stuff is amazing too. Congrats and enjoy all of your goodies!
  13. I love everything. You have good taste.
  14. You done good, girl! hahaha!

    I love everything you got!! :tup:
  15. I seriously LOVE those Bridgits... only if they weren't so expensive! Gorgeous! Congrats!