My outlet loot, BRIDGIT, ALI....and did I mention that I am so banned??!

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  1. Congrats on GREAT finds!
  2. LOL - it was close. 2 big bags and a big smile on my face.

    Mama0306 - Congrats on the Bridgit!! She is a beautiful bag. I think you will love her. Sorry I haven't had a chance to take the pics. We ended up having a hectic weekend - soccer games, entertaining family and the like. I'll keep trying to get that pic.....I forgotten you.

    And, to all the well-wishers, thank you!! I am enjoying Leigh very much. I've been carrying her everyday since I've gotten her and just get enough of that beautiful Legacy lining and sumptuous leather. When it finally gets warm enough and stops raining here in my neck of the woods, Bridgit will come out and make her appearance.
  3. Holy cow! That is some awesome buying you did there!!! I LOVE IT!