My outlet loot, BRIDGIT, ALI....and did I mention that I am so banned??!

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  1. Yes, it is a nice soft leather - reminds me of the Soho line leather. This one was originally at $358 - marked down to $209 + 20% = approx. $149. It was in the "business" section of my store - where the briefcases and travel stuff were.

    It has the nickel hardware and black interior fabric lining - plus the usual pockets that you find in the bags. It came in 2 sizes - this was the larger one (big enough to fit binders/books/folders/magazines) so this is my work bag. The smaller version is similar in size to the medium Hamptons signature stripe totes, and that was (I think) $119 with all the discounts. I'm definitely getting a scarf to pretty it up and just to break up the black a little.

    They still had several during our visit, so you might have some luck finding it at your store.
  2. Thank you. My sister (also a Coach addict) was with me and helped me weed through some stuff. My store expanded so there was a lot of choices and so much I wanted!! But, y'know, you can take them all home!!
  3. Oh sounds good I'll need to make a trip to the outlet...

    Thank you for getting back to me so quick
  4. Congrats! Love all of your new babies! :tup:

  5. Ha, ha, that's what I thought too at first! In fact there have been a few Bridgits at the outlets here and there, but I've only heard of the rose ones being there, not platinum.

    SUPER HAUL, Chelseagirl!! The Bridgit looks beautiful on you!! Ok, so you're banned, but least your DH lets you model the bag.... mine had a fit when he saw me posting pics of anything, including just bags! Of course I'm camera shy anyway, I wouldn't be modeling ..but I don't see the problem with posting bag pics! He thinks I'm absolutely nuts. I can't imagine why??? :confused1:

    I absolutely LOVE your other stuff too!! That whiskey Leigh is TDF!! I ended up with the juniper color. It's a great bag, and I wish I had gotten another one at the time!! I'd also love to have that jewelry case.

    You did SOOOO good, AMAZING finds...enjoy!!!
  6. :wtf: You are on a ban. I think DH would cut up my credit card if I got that many purses. LOL!!! Great stuff.
  7. :wtf: There was alot of stuff because I double posted. LOL
  8. Actually, I paid for most of the outlet stuff with merchandise credit, and the rest in cash.

    Bridgit was my belated bday present (I actually got the walnut Bridgit for my bday in February, but knew that I just had to have it in platinum. So I returned walnut in late March and just paid the $100 difference for platinum. It all worked out in the end).

    Ali went straight to my Paypal account ( Ebay).

    So all in all I really didn't do to least not as far as credit card charges are concerned.
  9. Wow! Such a great haul!! Congrats on everything!
  10. Great haul!!
  11. awesome haul!! someday I will go and buy like that- for now, Im loving my one bag
  12. did u need 3 arms to take all that stuff from the outlet home?! haha

    im envious
  13. WOW! Great loot! Congrats!
  14. That is QUITE the haul! I love the Bridgit .. looks great on you!
  15. I'm sending my Ali in for repairs and if for some reason they give me a credit I'm SO buying a Bridgit!!!! She is just adorable and so cute!