My New Paraty Countdown Thread.....

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  1. NO way...why??

    Post pics! I forgot which colour you got!!
  2. beautiful colour! its absolutely gorgeus!
  3. OMG!!! That bag is TDF!! The colour, the leather.. !!!:drool::drool::drool::drool: I'm seriously in trouble if I come across one of those... I wanted a black one, but now I think this colour is fantastic! Black will almost be boring compared to this. But just posted in another thread that I'm kind of covered on the purple front, but still... My heart beats faster just looking at this beauty!

    At least I'm totally convinced that I want it in lambskin!!
  4. Sorry, forgot to say Congratulation!! Was so excited...

  5. Bought it in black. I think I was expecting smooshy-like leather, but it felt plastic-like to me. Anyway, I'm like lillemy_74 - I really think black is boring but felt like I should have at least one...I think if it was purple I would have loved it more! In any case, I've taken it out today and it feels much better now than when it first arrived...much softer and nicer. It's growing on me!
  6. I've only seen the black lambskin on pictures, but it does look lovely! Glad to hear it grows on you- I'm sure you will be quite happy about it when it softens up a bit more.

    Can I ask where you got it from? Haven't seen the front pocket one for ages..
  7. I got it from sacoche during their latest sale. Have to say - FANTASTIC customer service!