My New Paraty Countdown Thread.....

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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG!

    I'm speechless!
  2. Thanks Maria...and its the same size as choco....
  3. Still a lil more enabling...perhaps :graucho:!
  4. Ok Gals, Vivi needs some enabling on an Old Pink Paraty available at a good price!
  5. :yahoo: CONGRATULATIONS- she's GORGEOUS MD !!! Still can't quite tell, is she a small or medium ? She looks slightly lighter/ pinkier than my purple Paraty ( which has a sort of brownish-hue to it). What is the official Chloe colour name for this one ? Mine is 'Dark Purple'. Enjoy her - I'm sure the pair of you will be regular head turners whenever you go on an outing together :P !
  6. The colour on the Chloe tag say "Purple" but its more of a you can see when I put a photo of the Pigalle quilted bay with it which is a true purple.

    My bag is the small/medium, NOT the large!
  7. the one with the front pocket larger than the one without? Looks like that...Gorgeous it !
  8. Thanks, and they are the same size!
  9. WOW Mona! :nuts:

    I'm so glad you shared more pics with us, that is a stunning colour! It looks great on you, no wonder you got complimented by the SA! It is really gorgeous, congrats:yahoo:
  10. fantastic bag mona! they are releasing beautiful new colours at chloe! that purple is so rich...and the bag does look great on you. congrats!!!
  11. what gorgeous glossy leather - congrats mona!!!
  12. Congrats to a truly beautiful bag! Great colour and I love the style with the front pocket!
  13. Mona !! Congrats, I love purple, your paraty is AWESOME. :nuts::heart::heart::heart:
  14. Stunning bag Mona! The shade of purple is really deep and striking! Do they offer it without a pocket? Enjoy your new beauty! :yahoo:
  15. mona_danya, thanks for that - my bag arrived today :yahoo:

    Exactly 4 business days!!

    I'm not 100% in love with the leather, I must admit, but I'm going to give it time to grow on me!
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