My New Paraty Countdown Thread.....

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  1. As many if you know, I ordered the a purple paraty with the front pocket from Sacoche in Bahrain....

    The day I saw pics of that bag I literally jumped out of bed, and for the next two days I couldn't stop thinking about it. I finally ordered it last Sunday and now it has arrived on Canadian soil....

    I haven't been this excited about a bag in such a loooooong time....:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I have attached some pics that Josephine sent me to hold us up until my bag arrives (my fingers are crossed its tomorrow, or else I'll have to wait till after the weekend)

    So the status as of 7:47am today:
    "being reviewed by customs"

    Attached Files:

  2. very pretty!
  3. so gorgeous - I am totally envious!
    have you seen a lambskin bag IRL yet? I haven't, I'll bet it's nice!
    and the color....
  4. No I haven't, but the pics make it look amazing...
    Will give a full review and comparison with calfskin the minute it arrives!
  5. Is that the small/medium or the large? Great colour!
  6. Its the small/medium........
  7. I love it! I cannot wait until I get mine.

  8. Thanks! Wow she must be pretty small as the bag looks quite big on her.

    I'm also waiting for mine to arrive - it was shipped yesterday so hopefully it should get here next week, depending on customs (I'm crossing my fingers!)

    I bought it in black though - thought that if ever there was a time to get a black bag, it's now! Though I was VERY tempted by the other beautiful colours they had!

  9. congrats :nuts::smile: i cant wait to see modelling pic. :yahoo:I probably love to buy one for me, can you tell me more about sacoche bahrain about there service, and if I want to order from them who can help me? who I can contact too. :biggrin:
  10. That is very gorgeous color!!:nuts: Is it the same color as Tagullah's gorgeous Paraty? Looking forward to your modeling pics!!:heart:
  11. Wow! What a gorgeous purple that is, no wonder you can't wait for it to arrive because that is one beautiful bag!!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  12. oh wow it is gorgeous! beautiful color and style =D congrats!
  13. so it was you that bought that last one... :nuts:

    i was mulling over that one and when i asked again it was gone! its gorgeus, i cant wait for you to get it!!
  14. Loooooooooooool, I actually bought the first one!
  15. LOOOOOOO:heart:VE the color!! Congrats!
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