My Love bracelet broke!!!

  1. I got it at the Cartier boutique in St. Martin on the French side, the boutique on the Dutch side had some with the old screw system too tho.
  2. Sorry ladies for all of your LOVE problems. :sad:

    I picked up my new bracelet today and the sa screwed it on nice and tight, so far so good. He said to make sure you never hear a clinking sound between the screws. I am going to have to check it a lot more, seems it is more matienence than the older screws.

    GL to all. Please update me if you hear anything. Also try to leave it on and not take it on and off. :smile:
  3. I want to also say thanks to the ladies that have pmed me with the same stories and about KOP store. I did get good service there, so hopefully it has been addressed.
  4. I´m glad it all worked out!
  5. Hi, I am glad you got your new bracelet and hopefully does not have the same problem :smile:
  6. So you got a new bracelet ? But it was the new style not the old one ,right ?
  7. Glad you got a new one...good luck with this one!!!
  8. I'm so glad it all worked out. And so nice to hear that customer service did the right thing and you received a new bracelet. Wear your new Love in good health!!
  9. Thanks everyone. It is still the new screw system. this style does take more work and I pray nothing goes wrong again.
    Someone told me they check thier screws daily and it still came off. That does scare me!
  10. So happy to hear you finally had good luck with the SA and got a new one. I wish you many years of love surrounding your wrist.
  11. purseaddict86, My store told me the same thing, no more old screw system. It is the second time I sent my bracelet in and I don't want it anymore. Cartier can't get me bracelets with the old screws and won't refund my money. I am stuck in a limbo right now.

    sjunky13, Good luck with your new bracelet.
  12. For you ladies who have problematic you know what country your Love was made in? I've seen some made in Switzerland and another in another country (I can't recall right now), so I'd like to see if there's a pattern.
  13. Where can I find out where it's made?
  14. Why don't you have them put the glue in the screws? I think I am going to do that.
  15. I feel like at this point we can't really do anything. Cartier will not refund our money and they cannot find us any old bracelets, so it looks like we are stuck with these stupid new ones. It really sucks, im really upset about it but honestly... WE HAVE NO CHOICE. :sad: I think the best thing to do is have them glue the screws in. I will not be taking mine off so the glue is fine for me. What about taking these screws out ( which are shorter) and putting the old (longer) screws in??