My Love bracelet broke!!!

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  1. It fell right off my hand and fell to the ground!
    I am lucky I did not loose half of it, but it is dented. The part that connects is bent out of shape. My DH brought it to Cartier today and they said it would take a week for NYC to look at it.

    Yes I am upset , this one was only 3 months old! I have heard the new screw system can fall off, becarefull everyone.

    I hope it can be repaired and I should be under warrenty, the sa said they are covered for one year. Another sa said they might charge me. I will be very upset if I have to pay for it tbh. They are aware of this happening per a SA in the store.
    Just when I finally start wearing it, this happens. :sad:(
  2. Omg, I can't believe it, that's just awful! This is a known problem? Just fell off of your wrist! Where were you? I think they'll fix it for free, they'd look terrible if they didn't. I hope it's quick!
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    OMG is right! I am so sorry this happened to you! 3 months....WOW for what you paid they BETTER fix this for FREE or I would raise Cain!
  4. OMG. First I thoght you fell down and hit your bracelet, but it fell off your hand??? Unbelivable even with the old screw system!!! And just falling off did cause such a serious damage on the bracelet? You should ask Cartier for a new one.:smile:
  5. ^^I agree! They should have automatically given you a new one! A dent from a faulty screw system?? If they said you were covered for a year, then they need to take care of this for you.
  6. Is yours the new or the old screw system?

    I'm so sorry this happened, but I'm SO happy you didn't lose it.
  7. So sorry that what we have been afraid of has happened to you. I do hope that they
    can fix it soon, so that you won't have to be without it too long, & I can't imagine that
    they would charge you for this. I think we should all start checking ours at least weekly
    Hugs to you.
  8. There better not be a charge for this, it's faulty workmanship.
  9. Thanks for the advice ladies. It is the new screw system and it fell off as I was walking!
    I think they shoulod replace it , I will call them and find out.

    I am thinking they would have to melt the gold and recast or remold the bent part.
  10. My friend has the new system also and hers flung across the bathroom floor while she was in the shower. She called cartier and They wanted to send it away to get it fix for 4-6 weeks. she told them h*ll No! She wasnt going to live without her love for that long. She spoke to the manager and told them to either give her a brand new one or her money back and that she did not want the defective one back at all. Raise hell like she did and u will get a new one:smile: good luck!!
  11. Btw when she went to exchange it a SA admitted to her that they have had problems with the new screw system. So They are fully aware of this problem and should make it right for their loyal customers!
  12. Whoa!! Oh no :sad: so the screws came out or just became loose? I try to tighten mine once a month....
  13. OMG...Luckily you felt the bracelet falling down. Imagine it would have happened while on the beach losing it in the soft sand, you maybe would not have noticed it at all!

    I hope you get your bracelet back soon. They better not charge you for this and repair it for free!
  14. This isn't the first time I've heard of this and it's really putting me off buying one although I still want it do bad I don't want to lose it aren't they supposed to be difficult to get off not fall off
    Cartier if they know about the problem should be fixing it with a new screw system and replacing all of these as it keeps happening
    For such a costly item this is not on
    I'm so sorry that this happened to you x
  15. OMG! So sorry this happened to you! They better give you a new one
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