My Love bracelet broke!!!

  1. Well, this certainly is putting me off from ever considering one now! What was wrong with the original system anyway? Anyone know?
  2. Was there actually anything wrong with the old system
  3. It was easy for people to lose screws with the old system. The new system is supposed to keep the new screws more secure.
  4. I'd prefer to lose screws than the entire bracelet personally , they need to fix both faults for the prices they charge
  5. Update; I called the store manager and he said he has to send it to nyc and then they will advise on what to do. I said I would like a new one, as i believe it was a faulty item.

    I will hear back during the week. I hope they make it all right with me. The sa that said they might charge is a rude one that has given me and others here problems. His customer service skills are lacking. I know another member here that he was rude too and she bought her watch elsewhere.
    I will be in NYC next weekend, so I am going to Cartier, I will also call corporate myself and see what is going on. I was planning on another love, but not if they do not make this right!

  6. Thank you so much for this info. I will press for a new one, the brand is luxury right? They stand behind thier products so.....
  7. Sorry just a it just fell of?! Like the screws became loose or the screws fell out too?? Just that I'm kinda worried now! I have the new system n didn't know bout this kinda fault!
  8. this is absolutely ridiculous, you should talk to the manager and have it replace by a new one, if they don't agree, i will call the corporate office. i never heard such things of been charge to repair a default bracelet!! don't let them fool you, demand a new bracelet!!
  9. If you don't tighten the bracelet it will fall off. I am still curious how it broke causing it to fall off.
  10. That sucks!
    Do you still deal with the Cartier store at K of P?
    I don't buy from there anymore because all the SA's aren't very good!
  11. Funny that KOP Cartier was mentioned. I had a big problem with them a few years ago regarding a price on my ballon bleu. Ultimately I ended up getting it shipped from Dadeland, Florida - I think! For the amount of money the Love costs - you should have it replaced by Cartier with a brand new one. Call corporate office in New York. I'm sure that they will take care of you. Good luck!
  12. Goodness, what a disappointment that must be! I hope Cartier makes it right by you. One would think that with the popularity of the love bracelet, they'd have worked out the kinks over the years.
  13. I would be really upset, too, if this happened to me. You really ought to press this with another Cartier store, and do as another poster suggested and ask for it to be made right soon (a new one if that is what you want). I never lost a screw from mine (the old system), but I never took it off. When I finally did take it off, I put the screws in it to store it. During all of the time I wore it, I never had to tighten a screw; they stayed put.

    Why mess with something that isn't broken? I don't understand the change, unless people are now using them as an occasional jewelry piece, instead of wearing them all the time as how they were originally designed, and someone in design thought this new system would work better for that.
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    Omg.... I just checked my 6-months old wg bracelet (new screw system) after reading this, the stoppers on the other end of the screwers were gone, both of them!! Have no idea how it happened and when...
    I'm taking it to the cartier store this week! Never had any issues with the old system.
  15. I am so glad this thread made you check! This new screw system has been having lots of problems....sigh.
    I also have the old screw system and have had no problems.
    GL HUN!

    I am waiting for customer service to open and I will call them . This problem is well known and I hope they do something to fix it. Thanks everyone for your comments! :smile: