My jewelry wish list … show me yours …?

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  1. Hi all, saw this in another forum and thought it would be a fun topic. What is on your wish list?
    I'm all over Tiffany due to an upcoming trip to NYC this Christmas for me and DH!
    Vintage oval key in platinum is top of my wishlist;
  2. I'm hoping to get to the Tiffany store in Minnesota when I travel there on business in early October. That may be able to help me narrow things down. At the top right now is Elsa Peretti's Bottle pendant. I'm also interested in the Tiffany T chain bracelet (sterling silver, $450 US).
  3. Good choice re. The bottles! They're real cute. I'm with you on simple fluid Elsa Peretti designs. Which one would you go for?
    Going to the store and trying things on really helps. Sometimes you decide you love something you never considered looking at online. I would be torn about what's top of my list if the platinum bean with diamonds is available when we go to NYC in December..
  4. Diamondsforever - I'm honestly not sure which one - I'm debating between the mini and small sized bottles. I thought at first the mini but I'm circling back to the small since it's on a longer chain, has an open top, and seems to be more of a statement piece, which is kind of lacking in my jewelry wardrobe. I'm hoping they will have them at the Minneapolis store so I can try them on. I'll be at that store in early October.
  5. I would love:

    - to finally see/receive my engagement ring 😍
    - 2cttw solitaire diamond stud earrings
  6. Wish list:

    1) Tahitian pearls
    2) Aquamarine ring
    3) Gold Charm bracelet

  7. May I place a vote on the small! I think it's a gorgeous statement piece. It's always caught my eye.
  8. You might know this already- they are releasing the JUC YG with diamonds coming Jan (I think)? Nikki and Penny can confirm that :P
  9. It should be coming in November. :biggrin:

    OOPs! I meant to let Dode know. Hehe!
  10. De Grisogono Diamond Ring

    Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama ring

    Pomellato chain necklace (in the distant future :smile:
  11. So happy I just got my dbty in 18k yg!!!

    Attached Files:

  12. Mine's literally too long to list, but I just officially submitted in to the DH. . .
    no excuses dude! lol
  13. I wanted to curb my obsession with jewelry, but I still have a huge wish list. For this year, I want to make one more purchase during the holidays, which is the carnelian VCA ring. I have been lusting over another Love bracelet though (this time in YG with 10 diamonds). I have also been lusting over a tiffany's metro bangle, but I think I'll wait on those two until I'm absolutely sure I want it.
  14. Rolex Daytona two tone
    Rolex DJII two tone with cream dial
    Cartier Tank Française
    Tiffany gold bracelet
    Tiffany SS bracelet
    Diamond yellow gold hoops
    Yellow gold extra large hoops
    Victoria alternating ring
    VCA gold bangle bracelet
    Tiffany victoria band ring
    Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger sixteen stone ring
  15. Tiffany rose gold bean
    Tiffany rose gold small oval key
    VCA sweet MOP butterfly pendant
    VCA sweet carnelian clover pendant
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