My jewelry wish list … show me yours …?

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    Hi everyone ...

    Let us share our wish lists ...

    I'll start ..

    -1- Boucheron " Coeur B pendant "
    -2- Boucheron " Herisson pendant "
    -3- Boucheron " Herisson Ring "
    -4- Boucheron " Quatre sautoir "
    -4- Bulgari " Save the childern Ring "
    -5- Vancleef "perlee ring " in pink gold
    -6- Vancleef "magic Ahhambra necklace ( 6 motifs ) "
    -7- cartier " Hearts of cartier " ring ( either full dimonds or one pink heart only)
    -8- cartier " Hearts of cartier pendant" large size

    I have more in the list ...

    but now tell me what do you think ? which one shall i get first ?

    and show us your wish list ? :heart:

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  2. :heart::heart:

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  3. I like the van cleef necklace first. Then I pick the Coeur pendant for you.
    My wishlist is just one item - a Cartier Love bangle. I wanted WG, switched to YG, and now I'm starting to sway back to WG again. I have the rose gold cuff to wear with it. I'm anxiously awaiting to hear about the Cartier Centennial promo.
  4. the YG is great ! i think ...
    can you post pic .. everyone knows the love cartier but just to have to see all the wish list pics
  5. Sorry - I don't know how to post pics yet and my kids are still sleeping! But I suppose someone might be able to do it for me from Cartier site. It is the YG or WG - no diamond Love bangle.
  6. VC & A yellow gold 20 motif Alhambra necklace.
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    I'll be good, only one item on my wish list:
    Tiffany Schlumberger Vigne ring


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  8. 1)a Roger Dubuis watch....
    2)Cartier Love Bracelet in WG and all around diamond..
  9. 1) Paraiba tourmaline pendant with pave' accents
    2) 40mm inside/outside pave' hoop earrings- to replace my 29mm ones
    3) Art deco style old European cut diamond and sapphire bracelet
    4) VCA 20 Motif Alhambra necklace
    5) 31mm stainless steel Rolex with meteorite diamond dial/ fluted bezel/ Jubilee bracelet
  10. my one and only forever ever ever.... lol :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  11. pics plz

  12. pic of the watch ... PLzZ

    love to see it
  13. Is it the follow me watch from Roger, Catabie? I would quite fancy some VCA - undecided on what, possibly a follow me watch by roger dubuis - as long as it is not the pink one. Another love bangle, most prob rose or YG - the semi stones one looks interesting. Will post pics tomorrow.
  14. I really would love this necklace and bracelets by Devon Page McCleary

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  15. a diamond initial pendant