My jewelry wish list … show me yours …?

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  1. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!
  2. Cartier panthere XS pendant in RG. Will be in any day now and happy birthday to me!
  3. What do you think about buying the Cartier sweet trinity necklace for yourself? To me it wouldn't symbolise a relationship but something else represented by the number three, and i really love this design. But on the Cartier website it's all about love... Am I going to scare away the single guys with this necklace around my neck =p ?
  4. I don't think the majority of guys know what it is! LOL! I say if you love it, buy it yourself!!
  5. ooooh congrats and Happy Birthday!

    Hai Winky Too! I would love to see more pictures of this cutie! :biggrin:
  6. So many things, and I go back and forth, but on my wish list:

    Tiffany Victoria pendant
    Asscher stud earrings
    Bony Levy bangles
    Dior pre-catalan earrings & necklace
    South sea pearl stud earrings

  7. Here you go Candice. Isn't he delicious?

    View attachment 2772003 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1412631148.824615.jpg
  8. One more... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1412631323.934310.jpg
  9. Thanks :smile:. I can't decide on a piece atm, i keep going back and forth between everything i want :biggrin:. I have a 1500$ budget, give or take a little. I'm hesitating between tiffany rose gold bean (feels a little too "trendy" to me, idk why b/c it's been around for ages!), sweet trinity necklace, and a VCA sweet clover pendant (which would be my first VCA :smile:). Any opinions? I'm in my mid twenties if it helps.
  10. I would choose VCA sweet clover pendant. It's a good start for a young girl to build her wardrobe, plus it could be easily mixed and layered with other pieces, even from other brands. How about the carnelian heart pendant? Just my 2 cents
  11. Of these, the VCA sweet is both classic and on point. You'll know when you try each on which suits you best.
  12. awww what a cutie!!! he looks exactly like the other kitties! is he fully blind or still have sight in one eye?
  13. If you try on the VCA sweet I would encourage you to also try on the regular size single pendant. It's still pretty small.
  14. Thank you for your opinions. I'm leaning towards VCA sweet clover mop, because it's the one i've been dreaming about for years^^. As I don't have a store in my city, it'll have to wait a bit until december (which is probably a good thing b/c i'm grieving and i feel like i'm compensating by buying jewelry =/). So I have time to change my mind a dozen times in the meantime^^
  15. Right now, I have three big cravings:

    1. Cartier LOVE bracelet, WG, 10 diamonds (lol this might be a graduation gift, but who knows...)
    2. VCA Carnelian Ring (this will definitely happen before February or the next price increase)
    3. VCA Frivole Ear Clips, Large, YG (this will probably happen within the next 2 years)

    I've also been eyeing the Bulgari Serpenti Ring in RG with diamonds, but I tried it on the other day and it was super lightweight, almost to the point where it didn't feel substantial enough. I've also thought about adding a LOVE ring to my collection, but I have so many other rings that don't get enough attention...
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