My jewelry wish list … show me yours …?

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  1. I add, if you love yourself, buy it for yourself! :biggrin:
  2. Dode99 - is your Serpenti ring yellow gold or rose gold? It looks absolutely beautiful!!
  3. My jewelry wishlist would be an upgrade in my diamond stud earrings...I would like to go from 1.50 carat studs to 3 carat studs. I don't see that happening anytime soon considering I just got a watch. A girl can dream though!! :cloud9:
  4. Mine would be vca socrates earrings with the single flower, but not for a very long time :smile:
  5. I received my gorgeous enagegement ring :love:

    now I'm debating between a 2tone rolex with or without diamond markers on a champagne face for this year. I'm going halves with my fiance.
  6. Cartier Love Bracelet plain YG or PG not sure yet, leaning towards the classic yellow.

    14kt yellow gold engraved locket with a 32" chain. I like old fashioned stuff and I would like to put a pic of my mom who passed away last year.

    Cartier Tank SS Solo small size
  7. List for near future..

    -2 TCW diamond studs in VVS1 colorless range
    -Tiffany metro hinged diamond bangle to stack it with my yellow and white love bracelets
  8. Diamond solitaire pendant of at least one carat - better quality cut than what I have now.
    High end watch - audemars piguet royal oak all stainless, with diamonds.
    Rolex GMT - blue/black ceramic dial.
    Van cleef and arpels watch with celestial theme
    VCA gold vintage Alhambra necklace - longest size.
    VCA pink butterfly necklace.
    Cartier just un clou ring or bracelet with diamonds
  9. Wish list: 2c diamond studs in platinum, yellow gold 24k handing earrings, watch, Cartier love pink or yellow gold, platinum ring to replace original wedding band, and some perfect necklaces 16", 18" and long.