My Cartier LOVE has gone pear shaped.

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  1. yes it is. When I exchanged the bracelet, I asked the SA what are they going to do with the bracelet and she said they are going to send it off for polish and sell it again. That's scarier.
    I don't know if they really do that or she just said that because she herself has no idea.
  2. I think this has happened to mine! I posted a photo in the cartier discussion thread.

    I am freaking out. I've only had the bracelet for a little over 6 months.
  3. Oh dear!
    I hope this is not the case for you. I did reply in Cartier discussion sub forum. If in doubt bring to the boutique for inspection. At first I brought to Harrods and they said it looked fine (the SA only inspect which his eye). I obliged and went home with it. Then it happened again for the second time and I decided to bring it to another boutique (this time Selfridges) and the SA was really helpful and took out a new bracelet and put it on top of my bracelet and it was clear there was a slight bent.
    My second love is perfect, so far I have accidently banged my bracelet really hard a couple of times and it's still good.
    I understand how you must feel, it can be a nightmare but I hope yours is not the case. If not, ask for them to exchange for a new one.

  4. I went to cartier today and they acknowledged the shape had changed the SA said it was normal because 18k is soft and it will happen over time but the integrity of the bracelet is not compromised. My regular SA wasn't there so I was speaking with another one. At the time I was okay with his answer but honestly after reading this entire thread I'm not okay with it. I wrote to cartier on the website and hopefully they will respond. Otherwise I may take it back to the store and make them send it out for further inspection. I am so upset because I thought I was so lucky because my screws never loosened like others.
    I hate that this bothers me.
    Any advice?
  5. No... except I'm really becoming wary of hearing stories about Cartier disappointing their clientele. I posted my own "my cartier love fell off and is gone" thread... am waiting to see how they handle it right now but was heartbroken when my 1 month old bracelet fell off while riding my bike and is gone. :sad:
  6. Oh no! I was told the same thing by the SA about it becoming soft. But trust me, go in and demand for a new one because others have been using it for years and they never have this problem. You should get the same quality from Cartier.
    I have to say this new screw system has more problems compared to the old ones.
  7. This is truly unacceptable. I do believe the new screw system has major flaw. Hope you will get something back from Cartier. Clearly it's their fault. Bring back the old screw system!
  8. The thing is I can feel the difference when I'm wearing it. I had it off for over a month and I thought maybe I wasn't used to wearing it, thats why I took it off and examined it and noticed the shape change.
    When he first said it was normal I thought it was weird but after I pressed he said its fine so I thought ok. Then I came and read your entire thread and now I'm not happy with his answer.

    I plan on going back to the store and telling them I want it checked out further and that I researched and asked people who have had the bracelet for years (I've had mine for 6 months and only have worn it about 4.5) and their bracelet never changed shape. I really hope they don't give me a hard time. This sucks.
  9. So sorry about your bracelet.
    yes take it in for further inspection. It shouldn't change its shape as other tpfers has mentioned and that was my first clue that my bracelet was faulty. Like you, I was ok with the first inspection but then it happened again the very next week and this time the bend is much worse and it was only with light force. Demand for a new one because it will change its shape again.
    It will take at least 3 weeks to get it back (mine took almost 7 weeks).
    Hope it will all be fine in the end.
  10. I want to just cry. I went into the store to drop off my bracelet and they were trying to put all the blame on me like I somehow did something that made it bend.
    Then I asked if they will polish it because I don't want that and they said well maybe because they may have to reshape it and then torch it!!! Wtf!

    I told him I had them buff the screws on Saturday so then he said well why were the screws rough, you must have done something and that's how it probably bent. I was like no I'm very easy on my jewelry and they screw was rough from the day I got the bracelet (I have an email to prove that).

    I am so upset I'm nauseous.

  11. Oh dear! So sorry to hear this. Ask to speak to the manager. Of course they are going to give you a hard time but explain to the manager about this and emphasis on other people has no problem with their bracelets after wearing it for years even if they bang their bracelets.Tell them you want full diagnosis on the bracelet and NOT to do anything with it without your permission. Mine was sent to Paris for diagnosis. Are you in Europe or US? Hope this helps.
  12. Thank you for your support!!
    I had him put on the receipt to not do anything to the bracelet without approval.
    I'm just upset that the customer service is SO poor with this company. It was all candies and cupcakes when I purchased the bracelet but as soon as something is wrong they are rude and can't bothered.

    Now I'm just waiting to hear what they say ~
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