My Cartier LOVE has gone pear shaped.

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  1. Thank you guys for your replies. I went to Cartier earlier and they confirmed my suspicion. I got opinions from 2 SA and they both agreed that my bangle has reshape somehow. Its just a slight one but as I told them it doesnt feel right as one side is tighter than the other. When they compare it to other size 17 bangle it became obvious that the shape has changed. So its gone for repair now and they will check weather there is a defect in the bracelet in the first place. If it is a defect I was told I will get a new one and it should take about 3 weeks for this to resolve.
    At this moment I dont know what to say about this situation. I thought this was not supposed to happen since its Cartier. I took some photos and will post when Im at home.
  2. It will be fine! Even big brand names have these problems.
  3. Thank you bellapurse.
    The SA did tell me that 18 K gold is 'soft' and it could be because of the heat of my body that makes it easier to 'bend' because he has the same problem also (but not Cartier bangle, other gold bangle). Can't really say anything at the moment until they have make a full examination on what has gone wrong. As I mentioned earlier if they do find that it is indeed a defective bracelet then they will replace it with a new one. The SA was really kind in helping me to solve this problem because I thought nobody would believe me (even my bf didn't believe me) when I said its 'out of shape'. I mean if just by looking at it, it looks normal but I insist that it feels different and then he asked his colleague to examine it and they compare with the other bracelet and then it became clear that it has bend slightly.
  4. ok here are some photos i took using my iPhone.
    It may look normal but if u see closely, u know there's a difference
    The 'bend' is on the upper right of this pic

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  5. I can't barely notice anything. If I bought it like that I wouldn't care. Lets see what happens in 3 weeks. The appearance doesn't bothered me but the uncomfortable fit will be an issue.
  6. Are you sure it's not the shadow? It's solid 18k gold, I highly doubt it's even realistically plausible that mere body temperature can mold it. 24k yes but not 18k.

    I've moved apts in it, picked up my cousins in it - probably banged it a more than a few times on railings, fridges, rocks, concrete... I've worn it for years and I have never heard of this happening. :|
  7. I can see it.

    If ts tide on you, you'll feel the change of the shape. I hope Cartier will help you to fix it or exchange it.
  8. Yes it is not as noticeable but it does feel tight on one side. That was the first clue for me that the shape might have change and it does (even though its only mere). I do hope there will be happy ending with the bracelet as I am totally in love with it and hope I can wear it for the next 20 years or so.
  9. It's very slight, but I can see it. Personally, with the problems you've been having, I would have insisted that they replace it with a new bracelet.
  10. You have a point there TammySue. I shall wait for their letter and see what I should do about it. The SA promised me that I will get some letter or something through post in regards to this issue.
  11. Any resolution on this?
  12. Yes. They agreed to exchange for me and I'm happy with the new one. No problem with it (new screw system) and have been wearing it for 8 months now.
    I do believe the first bracelet that I got has a weak spot but of course they won't admit it. After nearly 7 weeks being sent to Paris for diagnosis, they said they found no problem with it but happy to exchange a new one for me.
    The problem with this bracelet was the other side of the screw were too tight and on the other side was notmal so that creates the 'weak spot' IMHO.
  13. The bracelets usually don't bend. You would have to do some major lifting to alter the shape of the bracelet. It's probably in your head. But if it is really bothering you, take it off and check it out.
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    I took it off and there is a slight bend. Perhaps it is in my head but even the SA in Cartier agreed there was a slight bend. However, the big people in Cartier don't want to acknowledge this publicly maybe because they are afraid it will damage their brand name or product. In a way , they 'acknowledged' my problem by letting me exchanged for a new one but refused to acknowledge it in writing/in their report.
    My first bracelet has gone pear shaped (gone badly wrong) but this second one is perfect.
    It's exactly the same when I asked them about new screw system falling off and they said, they never heard of this problem before but I heard a few horror stories from tpfers about their bracelet falling off.
  15. Wow. That's very interesting and a little scary. I too have heard stories of bracelets falling off because of the new screw system. Don't know how Cartier could keep selling them like that :/ At least they gave you a new one!
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