My Cartier LOVE has gone pear shaped.

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  1. Dear tpfers,
    Thank you for your kind replies. I went to seek advice from Cartier earlier and they managed to get it off my wrist (scratch free). When they examined the bracelet they say it looks normal and say exactly what you guys said that its hard and wont bend.
    Thank god for that.
    However I promise you that yesterday the other end of my bracelet felt a bit snug and it wont sit straight when I pull it up on my hand until about midnight where I keep turning on my bracelet for at least 10 times and that helped to loosen it and go back like the original. Maybe like tpfer suggested it has weak spot? Anywho I do not want to be fussy/paranoid so I will just let this incident slide and be extra careful with it. I do feel more insecure now about it as I do not want the same thing to happen. However I hope that it wont happen again. Once again thank you guys. I really appreciate the support in here.
  2. Ok guys I thought my problem with my bracelet is over but it has happened again today and it is tighter than usual and my bracelet wont sit like its usual position. I do believe that it has a weak spot. I am going to Cartier Flagship tomorrow morning to check this problem. If it is true that the bracelet has some defect, do you think they will do the repair for free or should I ask for refund? I am sad that my bracelet has this problem and I just dont know what I'm going to say to them as the first time I brought this matter to them they say that my bracelet look normal.
  3. The problem with my bracelet is the other side of it has more riom than the other so one side is tighter than the other whereas it has always been perfectly loose on both side. This time the bangle lightly hit the fridge when I open the door.
  4. Oh just to give you a better mental image my bracelet looks like the shape on an egg ( bigger on one side and smaller on the other). Will try to post pic when I can. Bf is on business trip so no one here to help me to unscrew it.
  5. Yes take a picture and take it to them so they can see it. Is it the new or old screw system?
  6. It should be an oval shape, not an egg shape.
  7. Its the new screw system. I just got it 2 weeks ago. One side is too tight for me to open by myself so i need extra pair of hand to help . :sad:
  8. Yes you are right, it should be oval shape. When i first got it, its oval but now its like an egg ( though not that obvious).
  9. I thought you went to cartier and they helped you take it off and the bracelet was the correct shape? I highly doubt a light tap on the fridge would make your bracelet go egg shaped??? are you sure it's not your arm swelling or an allergic reaction?
  10. you really need to take the bracelet off, even someone on the street to help! mine got stuck on me too once, where one side was on too tight for me to unscrew it. i just had a random person i ran into help me.

    where did you purchase this bracelet? you should go back to the same store you bought it from, to the same sales associate and follow up with them. going to a new store you have no history with for help, you may have less luck.
  11. I bumped mine all the time with walls, doors and boxes. Is it in the part where the screws meet?
  12. I don't think one side should be too tight. It should feel the same when you take off the screw on either side b/c it should be symmetrical. Could it be screwed on wrong?
  13. So first it was oval, then went pear shaped, then oval again, and now it's egg shaped? Is this correct?
  14. It's got to be your wrist/arm because there is no way this bracelet would do that. There would have to be A LOT of pressure and if you just took it to cartier and they examined it and said it looked fine then I'm not sure what to say. If it screwed back in fine then the shape is ok otherwise it would not screw back on because it would not align properly
  15. Yeah I have to say (sorry!) I think this is a bit in your imagination. But prove us wrong with a pic! i'm so curious now because honestly I think if I STOMPED on mine nothing would happen!

    As for Cartier refunding you... I wouldn't count on it hon. It sounds like they're not overly great about standing behind their product with the problems with the new screw system...

    If it is indeed changing shape over and over you really should get a new one (replacement). But it just can't be! I can't imagine it! But would love to see it if it's true!!
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