My Cartier LOVE has gone pear shaped.

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  1. Hi guys,
    Im afraid my LOVE bracelet isn't symetrical anymore. I was carrying my 3 year old niece ala superman and had to use all my energy to carry her with both my arms while she pretends to fly. I feel that her weight has somehow alter the shape of my bracelet. At first I realized that it doesn't feel as loose as before and when I checked it everything looks fine but I swear it feels a little bit snug. Upon close inspection the other half of the bracelet has change its shape a little bit. I tried to take off my bracelet for further inspection but the other screw was too tight and I dont want to force and open it for the fear of scratching my bracelet. I am somewhat stress and don't want to deal with it (trying to take off the screw) under pressure.
    My question is:
    Is it possible that the bracelet change its shape since its sturdy (at least in my head)?
    And if the unimaginable actually happened, can I send it to Cartier to repair for it to go back to the original shape?

    I mean I can't really see the change(not with the bracelet still on my wrist) but it feels tighter on half of the wrist and the orher half is normal and that wasn't the case before.

    Im so sorry for the long post but I really need your advice as i just got it less than a week. TIA
  2. i am confused, has it stretched upwards into a pear shape or can you see no change in shape? if you need to, why not take it off and inspect the shape? both halves of the bracelet should be identical.
  3. I don't think that's possible. It's very thick. I have carried very heavy boxes and nothing have bended or changed the shape of my Love. If you feel it happened I absolutely think you can take it in for repair. Maybe your arm is a little sore/swollen. Scratches are going to happened just enjoy your bracelet!
  4. Hi lamborghini girl,
    Sorry for the confusion. I cant really see the change in shape (maybe a little bit or paranoia?) but definately i can feel it isnt the same. My gut feeling is the other half has somehow changed it shape ( being compressed by the weight) . I will try and get some help from someone to open thescrew for me. Its just too tight and i dont want to open it myself as Im under stress. :sad:

  5. You have a point there. I just hope that its my arms that feels weird after lifting her.
  6. Maybe your arm is a little bit swollen from the pressure on the bracelet. I hope it's ok!
  7. I wouldn't be able to wait to take it off. I take mine off myself. No problems.
  8. #8 Jan 10, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2013
    Guys my suspicions are right. The shape does change and it seems to more narrow at the other end and the gold are soft and not as hard as i thought it would be. I thought like the tpfer suggested it could be my arm that swells. However when i turn it around my wristbone it seems to be hitting on one end and not the other and it wasnt like that before. So i kept on turning it around until the narrow part became loose and now it feels just like when I first bought it. Its as if I can mold the shape of it iykwim.does this ever happen to any of you?
    is this normal for the quality of cartier? Should i complain to cartier? Should i explain what happened and request for a new one?
    I tried opening the other screw but to no avail & on top of that it left a few long scratches on my LOVE.
  9. that doesn't sound normal, but still if you haven't taken the bracelet off it is hard to assess while it is on. i suppose your three options are to keep wearing it, sell it, or go ask cartier for help, not complain. good luck! :heart:
  10. Agree! Where you see the twist? If the screws were loose then that section is thinner than the rest of the bracelet. I wouldn't call it a quality issue. It's more of a wear and tear. Don't worry about the scratches. I got my very first one and a big one the very first second I put it on.

    Take it to Cartier!

    Best of luck!
  11. Ok guys I think I will explain to them and see what they can do to help me.
    Really incredible support here in tpf. I duno what I'd do without you guys. Will update on the progress & hopefully with good news. Thank you
  12. I'd think you'd REALLY have to injure yourself to bend this bracelet. I'm playing with mine now and it's so solid - I'm not saying it's not possible but just playing with a child shouldn't do it! A big *** hammer maybe?
  13. I agree, it's so thick...I cannot see how carrying a child would bend your bracelet? even my thinner bangles have not bent that easily!

    I moved over the holidays and my love took quite a few bangs and hits from moving boxes, and furniture. I have a few more scratches but no dings or dents in the bracelet....

    OP- until you take it off it will be hard to judge what has happened to the shape of the bracelet.
  14. Agree. It's like iron!
  15. If it bent I'd have to wonder if there was a defect in the bracelet to begin with - a weak spot or something.. I Wear mine 24 7 play with my nephews and grandbaby no issues at work I moved computer equipment no issues..

    You need to go see your SA and ask them for help.
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