Mulberry CHAT Thread

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  1. Hello everyone! I am planning on buying a couple bags from the NAP sale, do you think I should jump on them now or wait for further discounts? Id be bummed if I missed out because I was being too cheap lol.
  2. Hello, I am planning to buy the French Wallet in oak. but I do not know if it does go on sale or not? Should I wait?
  3. Love the pink colour, so happy, and the strap is useful too.
  4. What's the status of suede linings versus microfiber linings in the Heritage Bayswaters these days? The US website for Nordstrom now shows an Oxblood Heritage Bayswater, whereas before they were carrying only the updated Johnny Coca Bayswaters. I can't tell if the Heritage lining is microfiber or not. Any input is appreciated.
  5. I could've sworn the Zipped and Coca Bayswater had larger sizes than Small and Mini. Would an A4 size paper fit in the Small for either?
  6. Hi, just wanted a few thoughts on bags you carry when attending weddings (as a guest:P). Been on the hunt for an Oak Lily but haven't found one so may have to take my small Bayswater satchel to a wedding this weekend. I always think that top handle bags are a bit too casual for these kinds of occasions, anyone agree or disagree?
  7. Hi Lili,
    Nowadays I tend to use my MM Christy for the most formal occasions, although have used my Gunmetal Belle (using a longer gunmetal tone chain.) Both fit the essentials and keep hands free. Your SBS will look chic, and you could always add a bit of special silk to "dress her up" if you have something that works with your outfit:flowers:
  8. D705FF34-7DBD-4F49-B8F0-A2A99548A0F7.jpeg It seems there is no “wildlife sighting” thread in Mulberry but I can’t stop myself to take a quick picture of this lady wearing a vintage scotchgrain shopper which I owned years ago. It’s a kind of chic wearing a vintage bag. Tks for letting me share.
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  9. Hi everyone,
    Today I found that my mulberry wallet which I bought maybe 3 months ago started to chip!
    I attach a photo just for everyone to see if am I too picky or there is something about the glazing??? Can you see it?? I don’t know about the CS of mulberry! If there is something can I take it back to the store and ask for repair?

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