Mulberry CHAT Thread

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  1. Happy Christmas to Mulberry admirers and collectors!
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  2. Hey. Have you ever seen this Mulberry logo? I've already seen different, real and false. But this logo I see for the first time. It's an evening riddle.

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  3. Hi, yes it's from the older bags, probably called vintage bags now!
  4. Out with this beauty today! :heart:

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  5. Just received my order from Selfridges. A small wallet in Oxblood. Such great organization!
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  6. Hello everyone, anyone from Toronto that can give me some advice?
    I got a beige colour Bayswater (not the heritage style one) in April 2018. I used it for maybe 10 times and the plaque already have hairline scratches from the turning 'key knob' that locks the bag. Any idea if the Toronto *yorkdale or yorkville* locations offer complimentary cleaning on the hairlines scratches?

    Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi everyone!! I'm new to this group, but I love mulberry! I just ordered, want to know your opinion on zip bayswater on this material croc embossed burgundy.. ( pic not mine) thank you all in advance. 20190203_020747.jpg
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  8. Hello! Please help me choose. I like that the Bayswater has a long strap, but the grey one has a zip! Both good features to have. Are they both made in England still? Looking for a new work bag. mulberry 2.jpg mulberry1.jpg
  9. i like the grey on you, i think it will be more versatile
    with regards to the long strap, do you think this size and structure will work well for shoulder carry?
  10. Hi everyone! Okay, so I have about 7 weeks (when we're off to London next and I'm getting my belated Christmas present) to think about my next Mulberry bag. I have a Small Zipped Bayswater in Oak and my new baby bought yesterday, a 'modern' Bayswater with Strap in Oxblood. I'm not sure whether I want to go for a classic, like a Heritage Bayswater to round up my Bayswater collection OR go for something completely different. Like a Seaton or Amberley.

    I looked at the Amberley yesterday, and while it does look fun, not sure if it's practical? And the Seaton looks more like an evening/official function bag to me. How does the Heritage Bayswater compare to the modern one in terms of wearability?

    If you have any of these bags above and can give me the pros and cons, that would be much appreciated.
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  11. What a lovely trip to plan for, especially as it involves Mulberry shopping.

    What sizes were you looking at? There is a big variety depending on what you might use it for. I’ve got a mini Amberley and while I love it, it just a bit too mini. Small might have been better. The crossbody leather strap is great and I love the new lock. However, I do sometimes wish it had a chain like the Lily.

    I’ve also got a large Seaton which I use for work. It’s got a really practical interior with two big sections and a small sized section between them. The leather has worn really well and again it has the lovely new lock.

    However, I do also love my first mulberry purchase which is a mole grey heritage bays from before they were called heritage! It huge for using for work or a day out shopping but quite heavy. The leather has worn a bit at the corners. I think a NVT one might have been better got this.

    Good luck and let us know what you choose!
  12. Hi!
    I wonder what year the manufacturing started in Turkey?
    Is there some where I can find history, or kind of catalogue over old bags.
  13. I see quite some posts about the Heritage Bayswater so figured I share some of the pricing I found for this bag by country. All converted to US dollar (using today's exchange rate) and excluding any tax (e.g., VAT).


    Interesting to see that South Korea is nearly $500 more expensive compared to Denmark!

    Denmark US$ 1,160 (DKK 7,720)
    United Kingdom US$ 1,190 (£ 913)
    Italy US$ 1,192 (€ 1,061)
    Netherlands US$ 1,202 (€ 1,070)
    Spain US$ 1,202 (€ 1,070)
    Sweden US$ 1,203 (SEK 11,192)
    France US$ 1,212 (€ 1,079)
    Germany US$ 1,222 (€ 1,088)
    Australia US$ 1,354 (A$ 1,905)
    China US$ 1,489 (¥ 10,000)
    Canada US$ 1,490 (C$ 1,995)
    United States US$ 1,550
    South Korea US$ 1,621 (₩ 1,844,545)
  14. Hi

    Does anyone know if you push the wings bayswater with straps in and out like the bayswater without straps?

    Thanks in advance
  15. Hi, does anyone use their bayswater in oak at rainy days. I did it once even though I use the spray but still i cannot bring myself to use it in the rain, but on the other side I want to use this bag everyday (all year around) . Just love it so much. I know it is confusing but I hope somebody will understand my feeling. Thank you