Mulberry CHAT Thread

  1. Happy Christmas to Mulberry admirers and collectors!
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  2. Hey. Have you ever seen this Mulberry logo? I've already seen different, real and false. But this logo I see for the first time. It's an evening riddle.
  3. Hi, yes it's from the older bags, probably called vintage bags now!
  4. Out with this beauty today! :heart:

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  5. Just received my order from Selfridges. A small wallet in Oxblood. Such great organization!
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  6. Hello everyone, anyone from Toronto that can give me some advice?
    I got a beige colour Bayswater (not the heritage style one) in April 2018. I used it for maybe 10 times and the plaque already have hairline scratches from the turning 'key knob' that locks the bag. Any idea if the Toronto *yorkdale or yorkville* locations offer complimentary cleaning on the hairlines scratches?

    Thank you in advance!