Mulberry CHAT Thread

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  1. Hi GoStanford - as Lakrits says, Alexa's weren't made in Darwin leather. Darwin leather was discontinued before the Alexa style was introduced and I am sure there were none made in it, it was a thick leather which isn't suitable for the Alexa anyway. I think walking away from the bag was a blessing in disguise!

    MM. :smile:
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  2. Wasn’t there a backpack/convertible Alexa briefly available? I think that was NVT?
  3. Good to know. I've never seen Darwin leather in person, so I don't know what this one was made of. I agree it was best to walk away. The care cards said Darwin leather on the inside, but even aside from that, the combination of other things like the non-symmetric screws on the front plate and the Phillips-head screws on the straps were troubling. Funny how my logic sometimes goes out the window when vintage shopping, but not this time!
  4. You made a good decision there . If you're ever n the presence of Darwin you will know by the smell :smile: It's amazing !!!
    Especially Chocolate Darwin :love:
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  5. Was that the special edition for the 2012 Olympics? I think that was some kind of calf leather - anyway it was thicker than soft buffalo but not as thick as Darwin from memory...

    I sometimes wish I’d bought one!
  6. I can’t remember exactly when it was, but I do remember hovering over something like that on the website! I think it was a calf leather, and it might have been in the men’s section :smile:
  7. I know this may be controversial but... I love the Lily but would love to see it with some different straps. I'm not too keen on the metal. Has anyone seen any variations? I doubt Mulberry would have done one, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried to change the strap or alter it in some way themselves, or seen any pictures?
  8. Hi ladies :heart:
    I have just bought two Lilys in the standard size. The first one is in glossy goat and was more worn than the second one. When I compared them I noticed that the second lilys leather was different and in buffalo shine. I got the receipt for both bags as well and the bag with glossy goat leather cost the double of the price of the bag with buffalo shine. Could u please tell me the big different between the leathers and which one I should keep considering the durability and scrathes. I personally think the one with buffalo shine looks more beautiful, but the glossy goat looks more hard-wearing.

  9. Hello bag lovers,

    I have been eying on the Bayswater for two years now and hope to get one (OAK love love)by end of this year! I am more a LV girl but everytime when I see the oak leather i just can’t forget about the leather since two years! I love LV but sometimes I just want to have a smooth leather bag instead of canvas! For me it is a classic but how come the videos on YouTube are all very old?? Do people not buy it anymore? And is it heavy in compare with Celine Phantom? I wanna to use it as a workbag!
  10. My Bayswater is mole grey in small classic grain so I can’t help with colour but I certainly love it as a work bag. It’s a classic bag which doesn’t tire. I’m a leather fan rather than canvas myself. I have a small bays in black in the same smooth leather as the oak and it’s my favourite leather on any of my bags.

    There is an oak bays post on the what’s in my bag thread on mulberry which might help you?
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  11. Thank you for your comments! I hear that mulberry has changed their oak leather, how pity! I am planning to go to our store tomorrow to check out! I love the leather from mulberry!
  12. Just on the off chance there is anyone out there .... Happy Christmas . This used to be such a fun and vibrant thread back in the day .....
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  13. And the same to you, dear! :flowers:
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  14. Lovely to ‘see’ you again Elaine . I thought of you the other day when telling someone about our wonderful Californian holiday .
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  15. :hugs:
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