Mulberry CHAT Thread

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  1. Ooh new chat thread :smile:

    I just ran into my room to get away from a massive moth, in doing so managed to spill juice all down my lovely leather boots that I was carrying. Having read mulberry's little care cards that say to use tissues to lift the spills they are luckily fine :smile: Mulberry can be so helpful at times ;)

    I was then greeted my a rather mean looking spider by my bed :sad:

    The joys of October eh..

    Hope everyone has a nice Monday!
  2. Morning ladies! Shiny new chat thread!

    Got a long day ahead, DD is in for surgery tomorrow so got all the preop stuff to do today. Taking my kindle!
  3. Morning - ohh new thread, let's move forward everybody :P

    JeniA you have 1000% of my sympathy - hate:spiderweb:
    Guns, fingers crossed for your DD - has your shower fixed now (I haven't read back the old chat, sorry if it's already mentioned!)

    I have survived MIL visit, it was lovely warm w/e wasn't it?? But this morning is totally foggy...

    Have a lovely week everybody, with all the gorgeous handbags!!
  4. Thanks RatRat, no shower not fixed yet :tdown: got a plumber coming on Thursday. It's driving me mad.
  5. Oh my gosh I feel your pain I HATE moths and then to find a spider!!

    Good luck and fingers crossed to DD guns!

    Well done on surviving MIL ratty :smile: it's a foggy cold day here, managed to get all my house work done yesterday (be the ironing!) I'm off to work now looking forward to catching up with you all later :smile: have a lovely day x
  6. Guns, Oh dear, well it's not winter yet, so it's better to have problem now and fixed, rather than in the middle of snow!!

    We will be having new patio door fixed on Thursday, hoping nothing goes wrong since whole frame/door should come out at one point - when I'm back hope I will be having either New bi-fold door + happy DH, or Total mess with huge open kitchen + grumpy DH.

    Fingers crossed for Thursday together (but your DD comes first of course :flowers:)
  7. Morning, oh don't say 'ironing', due to the MIL visit I couldn't do normal w/e ironing, so I will have to catch up sometime in the evening this week or double next w/e. This is the time I wish I have time at home....

    You take care and enjoy what ever the bag you choose today :smile:
  8. Morning!

    We've had some massive spiders in the house too lately and unfortunately our 3 dogs are more scared of them than I am!

    Hopefully the new house won't have as many!
  9. Guns, hope everything goes well for DD!
  10. My cats eat spiders! Keeps them under control :smile:
  11. Guns, your shower issues sound very, very annoying - Thursday can't come soon enough! When we moved to our new house the renovation was still going on (only had the main floor, so kitchen, dining area and living room done) and we had to survive like 3 months without a shower at all.. so I feel your pain! Hoping all goes well with your DD's op.

    Taking part in a very interesting seminar/conference today, couple more hours here in the lecture hall and then I get to go pick up a certain parcel of M from the post office.. and take some pics for a reveal. Yay! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks ladies my legs still have some recovering to do but I am already dreaming of doing it again this year preferably in the snow this time :biggrin: problem is my partner in crime doesn't like the cold so I will have to coerce someone else

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  13. #14 Oct 7, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2013
    The I word should be banned I hate it with a passion! There's never enough time in the week for it!
    I had a busy day at work which made it go really fast :smile::biggrin: how was your day ratty?
  14. Been charity shopping with my mum around Kensington today. Passed up on a Mulberry briefcase today at £150 at the Oxfam shop on Gloucester Road, it looked like needed too much restoration and was probably only worth around £50 really, it was that bad. Would need a good tub of Colonil and the spray to get the leather going again.

    Had a lovely day nonetheless. Bought myself another pair of Grensons which I am in LOVE with. So a good day all round. Start uni tomorrow, so all exciting!