Most expensive shoes you own (retail price)?

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  1. I wouldn’t either, although I can vouch for Gucci ones from the Tom Ford era. I had a pair of suede platform high heels I literally wore to the ground: the leather sole on the outer edges wore off and you could see the inside of the platform was made out of cork lol talk about bringing the cost per wear to nothing. Jeez, if those shoes could talk, I’d be in trouble... :lol:
  2. Haha that is a sign of a good buy! I've done that with my Stuart Weitzman boots. Paid $635 and have given them a new life 3 different times through resole-ing and polishing.
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  3. So happy to know that!
    My black suede Lowlands are still in their first life with a lot of mileage under the hood but are still going strong, too, were just rained on and are just a little bit more matte at the tip (which can just be brushed off). My winter ballerina flats (that’s what I call them) were worth every Penny!
    Glad you also had a good experience with their shoes. Aquazzura is the other. My black Christie flats have gone everywhere with me...
    Neither the Lowlands or Christie were cheap, but they were worth every Penny!
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  4. Wow! What was your final price?
  5. The lowlands are great! I wish I had bought those instead of the highlands which I almost never wear because the pitch is terrible for walking. Totally agree that Aquazzura is an excellent brand - I think 3/5 of my most recent designer shoe purchases have been Aquazzura.
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  6. They’re the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had; it’s like you’re not wearing anything and because they’re over the knee, they keep you warm (up to a point) and stylish without having to drag around a long coat everywhere.
    I’m ashamed to say I don’t wear my Highlands either... <—probably most expensive shoes that I’ve worn the least :sad:
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  7. I should probably sell the highlands and buy the lowlands, but I like looking at the highlands too much LOL. I can only wear them when I don't have to walk or stand anywhere, like car --> restaurant --> car, but that is rare where I live.
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    I recommend you pit stop at Hermès and try on the Selena over the knee boots. Hopefully they’ll have them the same color as your Highlands so you can compare them. They are overall less dressy, but they are so chic and sexy without trying too hard. And they’re comfortable.
    I bought them in red :biggrin:
    Probably the most expensive shoes I own now (but not bad for H standards. I think they were a bit more expensive than Neo boots).
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  9. YSL boots, not sure the model. $2200 original cost.

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  10. That’s some shoe porn right there! :loveeyes:
  11. So far mine is MB Hangisi..... $1200 and the highest cost per wear too they’re not the most comfortable shoes but i still cant sell it
  12. Chanel sling backs - $1150 Australian
  13. I bought some Stallion Western boots more than 20 years ago. They were horn back alligator on the entire foot. I don’t think you can even find them not custom made any more. They were $1800 and still are the most expensive footwear I have ever purchased. I can’t even imagine what one would pAy for them now!
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  14. Mine is the hermes jumping boots.
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  15. My Chloe boots, I think they were $1,500 all in all because I ordered them from overseas.
    I have a lot of other shoes between $500-$999, but that was the steepest I've ever gone.
    No regrets though I love & wear those babies all the time.
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