Most expensive shoes you own (retail price)?

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  1. Basically what the title says.. What are the most expensive shoes you own in terms of retail price? Mine are some crazy Saint Laurent wedges, which apparently originally retailed at around £800, followed by a stressed pair of Ginas, and Saint Laurent canvas sneakers. The most I have spent on shoes however is £530 (Valentino RS with a discount)
    If you reply pics are welcome!
  2. These Dolce & Gabbana Snakeskin peep toes. Retail $1475 IMG_0819.JPG IMG_0820.JPG
  3. My Christian Louboutin boots. They are worth every penny as I get compliments all the time. Unfortunately, I can't wear them as much due to a recent back injury.
    CL boots.jpg
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  4. Mine are Manolo Blaknik heels which I'll never buy again. I splurged because the SA stylist brought them in to go with a special occasion dress which I've worn twice with the shoes. One of my toes bled the last time I wore them to a wedding, the shoe scraped the skin off one of my little toes. To say I hate the shoes is an understatement. They were close to $800 - one of these days I'll give them away.....
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  5. Normally I spend around €220-260 ($300) on shoes but I am a male. The most I ever spend on shoes was £500 ($650). I think it's easier to find highly prices shoes for women. Sadly, the quality of the latter shoes didn't feel much more then my normal brand I buy.

    Ever bought shoes you thought would wear looser once you walk more in them but in the end never did so each time you wear them like halfway through the day you just want to take off your shoes?
  6. IChanel combat boots that I bought for $1475 now retail for $1525 USD. All my other designer shoes are around $700-900.
  7. Besides normal shoes I also have shoes like these ($250+):
  8. Hermes booties that cost right at about $1,000.
  9. GZ x Balmain crystal sandals and CL Isolde. Both pairs were special edition pairs under $2,500. That's my limit with bags too.
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  10. Hermes Paris loafers for $1,100.
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  11. Golden Goose sneakers covered in crushed Swarovski crystals. Retail price of $1700, but I bought them for 70% off... whew.
    Screenshot_20190206-225257_Video Player.jpg
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    These very sexy light gold Giuseppe Zanotti "Saintro" heels retail for about $800. Unfortunately they are a bit too high for me, so I decided to sell them. It's too bad because they make my legs look a mile long!

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  13. At the moment, I only have two pairs of premium designer shoes :smile:

    My Saint Laurent Babies in leopard retailed for $795, and I bought them for $180 at the outlet.

    My Burberry Prorsum "The Field" sandals, retailed for $595 and I bought them secondhand like-new for $150 :smile:
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  14. Dsquared2 Queen Mary Sandal, retails for $1,850 found them at the outlet for $720. 20190209_100342.jpg
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  15. Mine are so different. They are made for everyday so I do feel I get my money's worth. Bespoke tri-colour Gucci lace-ups.

    I chose the model and the 3 colours of hand stained leather. I also chose the types of shoe-laces including the have leather tagged pair.

    They took 6 months to make and 4 fittings, and when finished came with a wood and leather box and their own M2M care kit that included wooden shoe trees, wooden brushes, polish and a leather shoehorn all in a bag. Together everything was so heavy they had to send the box to me because I couldn't carry it.

    It could have been worse, there were far more expensive variables.