Most expensive shoes you own (retail price)?

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  1. Who makes the butterfly pair?
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    I think men's shoes have even more potential for sky-rocket prices. But those shoes are expected to last even decades with re-soling and looking after.
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  3. These are soooo beautiful. I wish you better so you can wear them again. Meanwhile they can decorate your coffee table ;)
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  4. Mine would most likely be my autographed Manolo Blahnik hangisis.

    Although it’s possible that I have a few pairs of boots that are worth more.

  5. Prada platform-heel loafers, in patent black. New with tags! Got from a consignment shop in ATL, for approx. $70 because there was a July 4th sale of sorts that day. Retailed for $900 or something like that, which is ridiculous.
    A pair each of Lanvin wedge pumps and flats would probably be my next bet. Scored from Ruelala for $149 each. Retail for $699 and $499
    ...and a pair of metallic Lanvin flats for $99, from Bluefly. Retailed at $499.
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  6. Things are worth what we pay for them. If we pay $3 then they're worth $3. Doesn't really matter what they retailed at, if nobody paid $3,000 they were obviously not worth $3,000.
  7. They’re SOOOOOOO buttery soft and comfortable!!
    I’ve never been a loafers person before, but these are worth every Penny!
  8. About $450 retail. I think I have spent max about $250!

    I am not sure if shoes that are more than that price would actually be worth it for me.

    Many “designer” shoes aren’t particularly practical for my life. Maybe not comfy for all day wear or not practical for walking a mile. I am not sure they are better made than the cheaper ones.

    As much as I love full leather soles, some are really slippery. And the break-in period is not always fun. I end up resoling quickly.

    My priciest at retail were the rag and bone boots I bought. I got them at the outlet for 50% off. Those are well made mostly. But most importantly they have free repairs. That makes it a great value for me.
  9. My new Hermès boots bought last month:
    Retail $1575. I never thought I would ever spend that much on shoes!
  10. H shoes and boots are worth it, I love mine as much as bags
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  11. LOL - they are definitely a work of art :smile:
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  12. These wacky Loewe sneakers retailed for 1150 CAD, which made them ridiculously overpriced.

    The construction of the shoe is slightly above average and in no way justifies the retail price considering you can get a lovely deerskin sneaker from Church’s for half the price.

    I purchased them because I needed a yellow shoe to match a bag. :idea:

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  13. I love mine but I already had to bring them to the cobbler after having them for only a year (and not wearing them for 5 months of that due to bad winter weather). The top of the shoe started to come away from the sole! It was very odd. The same thing happened to a pair of Louboutin heels that I must have worn all of 5 times.
  14. Oh, no! This shouldn’t happen to shoes this expensive. I understand the soles wearing faster than some other shoes because the leather is very soft (although these have a rubber outer sole), but come apart? That’s unacceptable, especially for H standards!
    The last time I bought a belt, I was browsing through them and all of a sudden, I have black leather ‘chips’ on my hands. It was a box? belt. I grabbed it, gave it to my SA, cleaned my hands and hoped it was a fluke. I wonder if they send things that have been handled more to smaller stores... My twillaine had a snag. Hmmmmm. Luckily my Paris loafers are still ok.
  15. You are so right! I audibly gasped when I saw the separation. Luckily my cobbler fixed them up good as new, but I am now hesitant to buy more H shoes and spend four figures on a pair of shoes again.
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