Money is NOT an object...your dream engagement ring...

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  1. Yes, right on!
  2. I love the Varna Flora!
  3. Definitely something Harry Winston - like either of the 2 attached - love the micropave - so maybe 2 carat micropave. Or the cushion cut ring with baguettes is gorgeous too. Tried on a 3 carat of this and its amazing. I dont really think I'd care to go anything crazy like 6 carats, 8 carats, etc.....Its just not even realistic to me.

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  4. Wintotty's LM reset


  5. ^ yep..thats mine to! Gosh that ring is to die for!
  6. You know, my new halo-re-set resembles HW's except that it's round. But the shank/band are flat not rounded like HW's.

    Now I'm really in LOVE!
  7. Contessa, did I miss the reveal of your new halo? If so please point me in the direction of the photos.
  8. I'd LOVE a humongous asscher or radiant with side stones from Graff.
  9. No reveal yet as there's no ring to show!

    Hopefully today! And I'll only show it if it's worthy ;)
  10. Yay!!! So long awaited. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it meets your approval and standards.

    I'm really excited to hear your audience (aka family) and your own reaction! I hear mixed things about people going from a solitaire to halo and vice versus. I even experienced my first jolt of ring envy when I saw my friends novo-inspired engagement ring yesterday and doubted my halo haha.. But then i stared at my ring more and it left! Haha
  11. I can't wait so you must be so excited to be finally getting it!:yahoo:
  12. My avatar :cloud9:

    Cushion Shaped purplish pink diamond,12.13cts framed with micro pave set brilliant cut pink diamonds mounted in platinum & 18K pink gold, VS1.
  13. Jesus, this is GORGEOUS!!!:nuts:
  14. I went to Tiffany's yesterday & I really loved the Embrace. Dream engagement ring? 2.5/3 carat cushion/round cut with halo with diamonds on the side from Tiffanys ;)
  15. Would you really halo a ring that's 3 carats? Mine is that size and I can't imagine halo-ing it. It would look too huge and take away from the center stone.
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