Money is NOT an object...your dream engagement ring...

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  1. A 3ct Tiffany Embrace :nuts: :yahoo: :love:
  2. A 5 carat cushion, round or emerald cut. Harry Winston look.
  3. 20ct emerald cut with double "halo" like Liza Vanderpump's or 29ct like Liz Taylor's :heart: I love huge emerald cut
  4. In all honesty, my engagement ring is my dream ring. He did an amazing job and it's beyond beautiful, and truly perfect. :love:
  5. Limitless budget dream engagement ring? Red diamond solitaire.
  6. A 2 ct emerald cut :graucho:
  7. I have mine now :biggrin:
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  9. Here's mine
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  11. ^^^I love this center stone on the Leon Mege on the left and that would definitely be my choice, as well. Perfection for me would a canary center stone!!
  12. Very interesting thread! I helped a few friends design or pick an engagement ring already, pick stones etc so I have (unfortunately?) a very precise idea of what I like.
    I like the designs by Leon Mege, a good friend had hers designed by him and I’ve always used his website as a reference to help people decide.
    With a bit of research it is not too difficult to pick a beautiful stone but with settings it’s not that easy.

    So, one thing is for sure: a cushion cut :smile:
    -solitaire cushion (no halo!), probably more squarish than rectangular (but not completely), as my fingers are small and rather short
    -stone should have the chunky facet structure (antique style) and not the crushed ice look
    -size…don’t know depends on how much $€ I am worth ;) but I have small fingers so it shouldn’t be huge. 1.75 - 2 carats should look great already.
    -white gold setting
    -(double or single) claw prongs for sure, other prongs don’t look as elegant
    -stone should sit SUPER LOW on the finger, I dislike rings that stick out and catch everywhere
    -band with or without pavé, not sure on my preference here. If pavé it should be tiny.
    -comfortable rounded thin band, thick bands and sharp edges are uncomfortable and don’t fit my style
    -It should be pretty from the side too, Leon Mege has these settings that form something like an “W” from the side, beautiful!

    OK I’ll let some pictures speak:
    (band is a too thick for my liking and this type of pave is not my favourite, but I like the top part)
    perfection! :smile:
    Lovely “W” on the side and gorgeous pavé.
  13. I know my dream ring is really laughable by TPF standards... I would love to just have a 1.5 carat in the classic Tiffany solitaire setting, that's all!!

    Knowing my dearest hubby, he will definitely get for me if I were to tell him. But given my tiny finger (smaller than size 4 :P), I may not be able to wear a 1.5c ring daily to work as I work in a very conservative environment, and it is also not in my culture to wear big diamond ring. I am perfectly happy with the 1.2c I am wearing now, it is already inviting much stares as it does look pretty close to a 1.5c on my fingers.

    I love Tiffany jewelry as you all know, but my hubby prefers HOF, so that is why a Tiffany Solitaire will REMAIN JUST A DREAM for me.... but I am fine with it, I am sentimental, I love anything my hubby picks for me :P
  14. I don't think it's laughable at all. 1.5 carat is huge! Funny my colleague recently engaged has a 1 carat antique cut and saw my ring, insisted its a 2 carat diamond. I have a 1.05 Tiffany setting and my finger is size 2.5 so yes it does look a little bigger on me :smile: I understand how you feel about all the unwanted attention at work. Btw my dream ring was/ is a 1 carat Tiffany and it was just a dream, never thought I'd ever get it.

    This thread is fun! Now if you ask me what my dream right hand ring was if money wasn't an issue, it'd be a 3 carats emarald cut pink diamond with white diamond baguettes right hand ring (that I'd never have the occasion to wear)
  15. not laughable at all.. thats whats so great about a "dream".. its yours and yours only and YOU decide what you want!