Money is NOT an object...your dream engagement ring...

  1. My best friend and I decided a while ago that round cut solitares were far too common amoungst engagement we decided to go in a different direction...ambushing the others boyfriend on engagement-ring-pickin'-out-day and saying "listen up." She wanted Emerald cut and I've always loved princess cuts....'s the first of a few....

    [​IMG] I love it...but it's not the one I would want for all eternity....and plus, I don't think it's one that he would pick out. Let me see what else I can find....

    [​IMG] Simple, yet nice and elegant, and it looks like it would just dazzle the fire right out of my little hand. But's not the one I picture on my hand forever and ever.

    [​IMG] we go. This is more like it.

    [​IMG] Is this not beautiful...?

    I'm having a field day here....a few more....

    [​IMG] HOLY CRAP! I love it!

    Well anyway...

    And this is the gown I'm gonna wear...keep in mind, I'm not exactly DATING anyone at the moment, but as a female...believe me, I have my whole wedding planned out to the very last detail. It's a good thing my best friends dad is a florist and he rents out tuxedos. This dress is SO TOTALLY me. 100%. This is who I am.


    Anyway, thought ya'll might be interested...
  2. I had that same opinion when I chose my diamond. . . a Princess cut.
    Fast forward 8 yrs this year, we're looking to upgrade at the 10 yr mark, and I'll most likely choose a round! LOL!

    Mine's most similar to the 2nd pic, but has baquettes down the sides instead of little Princesses.

    I'll probably choose something similar style-wise to the 1st one - I like halos.
  3. If I had 50 grand, I would stick with a 4 carat round stone sitting on a pave eternity band.
    Simple, but I would want it that way so I could mix and match with various wedding rings......
  4. ^OMG same here!!!Great taste!! LOL :smile:
  5. a nice ring from Graff. I salivate everytime I walk pass their display window!
  6. I love the last ring! Its so beautiful!
  7. You have very similar taste to me.... I adore this ring!

    This is one I've been admiring recently [​IMG]
  8. I'm designing my own I know roughly but still need a little inspriration as to how it will work out does anyone know any good website for rings with spaghetti settings
  9. Hmm...prob. a 2.5 carat center stone with a pave halo and eternity band.
  10. hmm i am not getting married for a LOOONG time but my dream ring is a 3-5 carat cushion (squarish) center stone with a pave halo around it and on the band. if not, maybe i will go with just pear sidestones =)
  11. I will be getting my dream ring soon:yahoo:
    my ring.jpg
  12. ^ that is beautiful congrats
  13. ^^ thanks:girlsigh:
  14. This is nice for a Princess IMO:
  15. Here's my Princess. . . I got some new diamond stud upgrades today and DH brought up upgrading my ring, he said it's easy to get bitten by the diamond bug!:love:
    I took photos of mine, it's similar to some posted above. . . VERY hard to photograph!
    IMG_0465.jpg IMG_0459.jpg IMG_0458.jpg