Money is NOT an object...your dream engagement ring...

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  1. 3ish ct D color Tiffany classic solitaire :love: With a 2.5ct shared prong eternity and a bunch of celebration rings to mix in!
  2. the ring i have! :smile: [5 carat EC with shields set in platinum]
  3. Leon Mege style double-claw prong setting in 18k rose gold, with a 1.5ct sparkly-as-possible cushion cut. I don't think I'd be comfortable wearing anything bigger, so ririan, you are not alone. :smile:
  4. I see everyone wanting BIG diamond rings, I can't imagine that would be nice to wear around your finger all day. I think I would be more than happy with 1. something carat
  5. I think I just got mine. Thanks for the inspiration etk, Ame, missrocks and all you awesome tpf'ers who travails with me through this. :happy dance:

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  6. Sorry, specs: F, VS1, 2.59ct, ideal cut
  7. I love yellow diamonds. This is Harry Winston.

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  8. A 2.50 / 3.00 fancy intense or vivid pink diamond in cushion or emerald
  9. 2-2.5 carat, K color, IF clarity, Ascher shape diamond. My dream ring!

  10. I have a Graff ring, that I bought myself...

    But my dream ring from Graff would be $1m so I've found a dream ring a little more affordable...