Moissanite vs. Asha vs. CZ

  1. I use Gemcare too - I bought it from Amazon. I hadn't thought to try the paste on white gold. Hmmm.... Hubby's WG wedding band yellows quickly (we've had it replated once already and it needs it again!), so I'll try the paste on it this weekend. Thanks for the tip, Bling!
  2. I've never heard of Asha. Where is it available? I have moissenite earrings, three years and they still look great!
  3. after reading all of the entries I am really getting bumbed! i have never heard of some of these things like asha, chinese white, etc. I am a total jewelry, purse and cosmetic fanatic and I thought i'd heard it all! What else don't I know?
  4. Me too! I'm intriqued by 'Chinese White' and I would appreciate someone giving me a starter course on this,! Please? TIA. :smile:
  5. Chinese White refers to the name of the I-J color range of CZ stones sold by Wink Jones, at It's a truly gorgeous color, not too warm, but not too stark white. I posted pics of a RB and a princess cut in the other pages.

    If you like your stones whiter, Wink carries stones in the Colorless range and the G-H range, called RG White. You can get CZs from Wink in ANY cut and any color. I've got a light yellow antique cushion cut from Wink, and it's to die for. Yeah, I know a lot of women don't like CZ stones, but these stones have NOTHING on the cheap CZs you see in the gumball machines or in the department stores.
  6. blingaholic, thanks for these.
    So Chinese White is actually a range of cubic zirconias.
    Yes, I saw your pics and I do agree that it's gorgeous.... it was actually your pics that had me confused as I thought your Chinese White are real diamonds! Hmmm, time for me to check out :graucho:
  7. I am happy with my ASHA martini studs and is thinking of getting a ring.

    At a loss of which cut to get? I am torn between a flander, cushion and emerald. Any suggestions?
  8. ^^^ Each one is gorgeous. I believe they will let you order the loose stone to take a look at it, and then send it back to have it set (or return if you don't like it)!
  9. I live outside of the US so that is not possible ;) I do wish I could do that! Order all and have my pick!
  10. I think I might go for an Asscher!
  11. Spendalot- I'd go for the Flanders cut!

  12. So sorry for the delay elizat -- I can really see no difference IRL, my diamond is a bit smaller and therefore the facets seem more densely "packed" when I look into it. Does that make sense? The interlap cz is a touch whiter, I guess closer to a true G color than H equivalent of a diamond.

    The interlap is at its sparkly best under mall lights and especially outdoors, yowza :p I showed it to my mother when she came to visit. I had already told her it was cz and she was surprised at the high quality. I went from a .71 diamond (4.5mm) to the equivalent of 1.75ct (7mm)with the interlap cz. She did offer her (mother's) opinion that it was much too large LOL!

    I tried to upload another pic of the brilliance indoors w/o flash but for some reason the resolution is poor so I will try again another time...
  13. I'm a new member, but I LOVE this new thread. Thank you, all!
  14. hi there could anyone kindly tell me where I can find this asha diamond in hong kong? I would love to go and have a look to see them in real life and would be great too if you could let me know whats the approx price they are retailing for.
    Ta.. thanks heaps =)