Moissanite vs. Asha vs. CZ

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  1. I have the white gold asha's in the martini setting. I got the 1ct tw and wish I had gotten the 1.5 carat tw. However, they are totally believable as most people I know would not spend that much on real diamonds! I ordered them from because I could get them in screw backs, which I wanted. I think they look very real and I am very happy with them. I keep them in all the time. They arrived pretty quickly and in were wrapped really nicely. I may order the asha flanders next. They are the ones I wanted really badly, but they were only in 2 carat total weight. I was afraid they might be too much, but hey, life is short, so why not?
  2. Anyone have any idea how well the Asha's hold up over time? Does it get cloudy or become no longer brilliant. Is it much better than CZ? I'm looking for daily wear.

    I've bought CZ more than once from Nordstroms for about $40, they start off looking great and I was very satisfied but then in a month or 2 they get cloudy and now are no longer sparkly. Yes, I've cleaned them and that seems to bring back a good amount of sparkly but in a day or 2 they go back to looking terrible. They don't last.

    Ok, I just tried moissanite since an ebayer was selling it for less than's $600. I bought .75 each studs thinking that as long as I stayed below 1ct, I would keep the yellow tinge away. I was leaning towards moissanite over asha because supposedly moissanite stays looking great for a long time and its super sparkly. I must say, it IS very sparkly. In the right light (outdoors, brightly lit indoors) it sometimes looks even better than an E-colored diamond. The big however, comes when it is cloudy outside. The yellow tinge DEFINITELY showed up upon comparison. On its own, it still looks off-white. Now, I'm debating if its worth keeping or if I should try another ebayer.
  3. hi i hsave just joined and love yoiur avator ring in your intro picture.Where can i get one looked on asha website bout none similar.sue
  4. i love your avator ring where can i get one ? looked on asha site but none the same thanks sue
  5. I have Mois. and cz jewelry. I have never seen ASHA in real life. All I know is that I like the off color of the mois. because they look more real, in the fact that everyone know it would be prohibitive to buy real colorless diamonds of that size. However, if they are a little off-color, it seems more likely that they are real! As for long-wearing, the stones are reasonible enough to replace when they no longer are "perfect"!
  6. Hi Sue,

    My avatar ring is a 3.00ct L colored antique asscher/square emerald cut. The closest Asha would be their royal asscher, though they only come in higher colors. You could also check out Winfield's hand cut cubic via and order an asscher (also cut like a royal asscher or also take a look at their Angel cut, which is a rectangular asscher type of cut.) Winfield's are available in a range of diamond-equivalent colors, all the way down to faint yellow, and they are very beautiful!
  7. Hi EricaD, I think I am going to get a 3 ct asha to imitate your gorgeous assher ring!!!
  8. thank you erica .I do not like the royal assher cut as much as yours.Do you know anyone who does the antique asscher /square emerald cut ? it is just what i want .Thanks sue.
  9. I have tried numerous simulated diamonds over the past 20 years or so. DH got me a tiny ring when we got engaged but I really longed for something much larger. I was so discouraged when looking at the stones I could afford. It seemed they all had inclusions and were actually quite ugly.

    Over the years I settled for a CZ because I couldn't stand the idea of having something on my finger that could pay bills. Of course I wanted a diamond, but it just didn't make sense.

    Finally, after 20+ years, I have my diamond! I still wear CZ earrings and wouldn't have any problem wearing any other jewelry that is CZ. I have had everything from sterling silver settings to palladium. All of the stones I have, have look really nice. Actually, no one noticed when I got my diamond because they didn't know I had been wearing a CZ!!

    I have stones from Asha, Ziamond, Crislu, and the dept. store. I will try and take some photos tomorrow and show the comparison.
  10. Hmmm, maybe give Wink a call (Winfields/freecz) and ask what they have closest to a square emerald or non-royal asscher cut. He may even be able to order something custom cut if it's not something he already carries in his regular inventory. I'd say the angel cut is closest, but it's elongated, so see if you can get a square one.
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    -Congrats on the 20-year diamond! I, too have a bevy of rings from Ziamond, some moissanite, some sterling silver with CZ from other places, and a pretty little pale pale yellow pear from Wink Jones. I like them all, and switch off sometimes with my 'real' diamond ;)

    I never asked for an upgrade diamond from DH cuz I like all my bling-y fakes, and I love collecting watches more than I do 'real' jewelry.
  12. Wow, this has been so intresting and I've learned soooo much. I use to feel like a fake wearing my stimulated stones with my real diamonds, this thread got me over it. Thank you all. I am going to assume that most people who posted read the other threads on this forum too. So when everybody was posting what their everyday earrings were and people wear saying 1-2 ct diamonds, were they really diamonds?? I always use to feel like I was the only one wearing cz studs(I just toss them and get new if I don't like how they look-I wear them to the gym and SA told me sweat is the worse). I have David Yurman diamond kisses, 2 Roberto Coin hoops-1 big, 1 small. I just can't justify the size earrings I want with 2 college tuitions and now I will enjoy the ones I can affoard. Thanks.
  13. ^^simulated, not stimulated. Poor proof reader, sorry.
  14. I just read this thread yesterday and wanted to chime in on Moissanite. I have a cushion cut Moissanite & Diamond ring I had made for me by Joseph Schubach Jewlers 5 years ago and after 5 years this ring is still sparkling and has held up well. Still looks brand new. I think the reason why my center stone looks very real like a diamond is because they had me choose from a lot of stones, I picked the one with the least bit of green tint to it. It is a gorgeous stone. Everyone who has seen this ring on me compliments me and the fact that I have diamond setting makes it more believable. Center stone is 2.07 diamond equivalent cushion cut stone. White 14K gold setting with diamonds. Here she is:


  15. I have bought several rings from Schubach - love the rings, and dealing with the store was a pleasure.

    I love getting to wear more bling for less money LOL

    Your ring is Beautiful!!!