Moissanite vs. Asha vs. CZ

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  1. Thank You Chessmont! I agree Schubach was a real pleasure to deal with. They were patient with me in choosing the stone and very accomodating. In the end I believe they produced a beautiful ring that I will love forever for a fraction of what it would cost in all diamond.
    Have a great day chessmont :biggrin:
  2. -is it your e-ring?

    I have bought 3 rings that could be used as e-rings and I do switch up for fun between them and my (smaller lol) diamond e-ring.

    Recently I lost weight and the Moissanite are too big. For some stupid reason, I am embarrassed to go to a jeweler and ask for a resize on a 'fake' ring. Am I being silly? Especially because they are SO blingy.
  3. No this is not my e-ring. My e-ring is yellow gold with 1 ct pear shape diamond with diamond setting, I should post a pic. I love it but when I started to get into white gold thats when we had this one made. I also have a beautiful diamond princess cut quad in white gold with matching wedding band that I got in St. Martin when we celebrated 15 years of marriage last summer. It is really beautiful too. I love rings of all shapes and sizes, one of my addictions besides handbags :biggrin:

    As far as you feeling silly, don't. Just go and take them to a Jeweler and have them resized. That is what I am going to do next weekend with mine, because mine is too small since I got into an accident last year and broke my hand my rings have never fit the same. My Moissanite needs to be sized up to 7.25 it is a size 7 and it is too tight. Go get them resized chessmont go go go, you will feel better when you can rock your bling girl! :biggrin:
  4. Your rings sound so beautiful

    OK I'll go!;)
  5. I am hoping you can help me answer some questions.

    We have been saving up for bigger diamond stud earrings. I have been wearing .50 total ct weight daily since my husband (then boyfriend) gave them to me almost 18 years ago.

    We now have enough to get some really, nice 1 carat total weight but I think what I really, really want is 2 carat total weight. To be fair, I could swing the 2 carat total weight now but I would have to sacrifice a little on the 4Cs. DH has no problem spending the money, as long as it is the best, so there will be no sacrifice. Jewelers and I have tried to convince him that for earrings, they don't need to be so great but he will hear nothing of it. DH says, he bought my little ones intending they would go to our daughter (more on that later). And, the eventual 2 carat total weight, should be good enough stones to stand on their own for some day we may give each of the diamonds to a son, to propose (we have no children, yet but when buying jewelry my husband some how magically creates a daughter and 2 sons for us to have to consider).

    2 carat total weight seems as big as I can go but not look ridiculous every day (I only take my earrings off to clean them). I should note, I don't wear any other bling. I am way to hard on rings, and I have big man hands so, I don't like to call any attention to my hands.

    So, my questions:
    Can Moissanite, Asha or CZ stand up to daily wear (as earrings) and basic neglect (an occasional cleaning)?

    Is 2 carat total weight going to look too "fake"? I read somewhere that the bigger they are the less "real" they look.

    Any suggestions on what would be best (Moissanite, Asha or CZ) for me based upon what little you know?

    Thanks in advance!
  6. I would be totally fine with a diamond substitute, but it sounds to me like your husband would not be! (Lucky you!)

    I say let him buy you what he wants!! :happydance:
  7. I've had my Moissanite for years they still look great. I have some CZ too and they look good after some years.

    Does anyone know, are there different grades or quality of CZ? Some places have very good reputation for CZ (like Wink Jones) but is there technically a difference?
  8. foggybrooke, I really don't know about moissanite earrings because I don't own any earrings made of moissanite. I only have the one ring which is 5 years old and still looks as brilliant as the day I got her. My diamond stud earrings were purchased in St. Martin in Phillisburg where all the jewelry stores are. If you are planning a trip sometime soon this is Jewelry heaven :biggrin: There are so many stores and everyone is competing to give you the best price because they want the sale. I also purchased my diamond tennis bracelet there too. I love St Martin for the great food, beautiful beaches and wonderful Jewelry shopping. I try to pick up one piece of jewelry whenever I am in St. Martin. So far I have had no problems with the Jewelry and it has apprasied for more in NY than what I paid there.

    Good Luck picking out your earrings.
  9. i've had a moissanite e-ring for about a year. daily wear, no special precautions and its held up really well. people ALWAYS mistake it for the real thing and in the right light it sparkles like crazy. mine is 1 carat. i got it through schubach. they were great. (i got the chance to go to their showroom in az, but since then have dealt with them on the phone). I highly recommend them/moissanite.
  10. What is their showroom like? Must be sparkly ;) I have only dealt with them by email and phone.
  11. it's pretty low-key, in an office-building, but it was great seeing a lot of the settings etc in person and they showed up some of the custom work that they had completed, that was getting read to be shipped out. some pretty intricate, fun pieces - bit more bling than my more simpler setting.
  12. I have a 2ct round asha. I've only had it a year and somehow last week I managed to put a huge gouge/chip/scratch in it!! Prob from my diamond wedding band. Its been great but at times still has a blue hue to it and thats been driving me nuts. Also feeling like I have to incessantly clean and polish the asha daily to get it to sparkle like new. I just bought a cushion cut moissanite and I'm so excited and curious to get it!
  13. I have a 2 ct asha and had a 2 ct from * and hands down asha! I would not recommend * at all! looks very cheap. Recently I put a huge scratch in my asha :sad: so now I've ordered a moissanite. Cant wait!!
  14. I have tried them all! In my opinion Moissanite hands down!! cz dont last- ashas as well (i put a huge gouge in mine). I found i was cleaning 2 times a day! just gets dirty easily. also Ive seen lots of different colored diamonds but have yet to see one with a purple hue which ashas and cz have. on the other hand moissys have a slight yellow green tinge which to me looks much more natural. it also has the depth like a diamond has.
    Love the moissys :smile:
  15. So do I! And my DH is relieved because I am not nagging him for a diamond upgrade, LOL.