Mixing Metals?

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Should I mix?

  1. Love them together!!!!

  2. Looks tacky - stick with only one color metal

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  1. My wedding ring is mixed. I love mixing.
  2. Mix it and the Atlas ring is stunning!
  3. The diamond in that will tie it in to all other white metals you would want to mix it with!
  4. My wedding set and my other favorite ring are mixed metals, so I love mixing too.
    I think it sets each piece off when the metals are not all alike.
  5. Silver/White gold + rose or yellow gold = great look. Not so sure about rose + yellow.
  6. Iam about to buy a watch for my wife (still have not decided which one but most likely it will be a cartier, rolex or JLC)

    My wife has Van Cleef MOP YG 10motif alhambra, 5motif and bracelet which suggests a YG watch, but...

    I've seen on the thread about cartier watches a picture of pinkG balloon bleu+PG love bangle stacked. it looked really pretty.

    So do you think it will look beautiful if she wore YG/MOP 5motif Alhambra/bracelet on 1 hand and P/Rgold watch/love bangle on the other?

    (She already has a YG black strap -Only 5 happy diamonds- chopard watch from before our marriage)

    More info:3
    *I attached a pic showing her skin tone[she has a dark black hair, if hair colour matters in choosing jewelry -_-]
    **I can pay up to 17k $ for the watch.


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  7. I would stay with yg

  8. I think this really depends on personal preference. I really like mixing metals, but didn't use to a few years ago. Can you ask your wife about her preference? That may guide your decision better. Good luck!
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