Mixing Metals?

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Should I mix?

  1. Love them together!!!!

  2. Looks tacky - stick with only one color metal

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  1. Hello ladies, I am new to this subforum and would like to know if is ok to wear different types of jewelry. .e. My engagement and wedding band are platitum..but I want to buy a gold necklace ?? any toughts??

    Thanks a lot
  2. it is totally fine. my wedding ring set is white gold and i wear yellow gold earigns occassionally. i find just dont let the pieces b too close together (ie rings and a bracelet) also one of my ESQ watches is two-tone and i find that helps to kind of tone everything in together.
  3. I wear both metals; as a matter of fact, I have a number of pieces which are Platinum & Gold (for instance - my Rolex watch, my Cartier "Love" bracelet, etc.). I actually like the combo ... plus, I think it's very versatile.
  4. I always wear my 1 Ct. promise ring that is set in a antique halo style settting in white gold with my 14kt yellow gold with white and yellow diamond necklace. The pendant is in a shape of a heart, about an inch tall. The heart is bordered with white diamonds and filled with all fancy yellow diamonds. I also wear my diamond studs set in white gold. I wear these 3 pieces everyday and I don't think it looks odd. At first, I was worried that these pieces would clash with one another, but now I don't even care. :yahoo:
  5. I wear silver/platinum everyday but I will wear my LV Inclusion bracelets that have a bit of gold color in them with my silver/plat. jewelry. But, I'm not really a fan of gold unless it's white gold.
  6. I never mix, but that's only because I don't have any yellow gold to mix in. My wedding band and engagement ring are platinum, both of my Movado watches and my Tag Heuer watch is stainless steel, I have 1 white gold ring and the rest of my jewelery is sterling silver (mostly from Tiffany). So I think it's fine but I just never buy yellow gold pieces.
  7. I think it's nice to mix metals. I especially love 18K or higher yellow gold mixed with platinum. =)
  8. I love mixing gold/silver/platinum! I wear a Yurman ring and bracelet as my everyday jewelry, and since Yurman jewelry is made of gold and silver, it ties my other jewelry together.
  9. I actutally prefer to mix the two most of the time...sometimes, depending on the piece...it may not work...but its really nice to mix it up and have fun!!
  10. Everything I own is either platinum or white gold, but I like the look of mixing yellow gold with other metals. I don't think that in this day and age there are any hard and fast rules about it.
  11. Thanks everyone, I got this really cute gold pumps and I want to buy some gold jewelry to match but I did want to ask first :P
  12. I mix white and yellow, looks good to me!
  13. It's the "IN" thing to do.....I read somewhere that mixing metals is considered the hot thing to do right now.
  14. i never used to but now it's starting to grow on me so i do it sometimes :smile:
  15. Girl I had my yellow gold wedding ring re set with more diamonds (cool birthday present) a couple of years ago and I had the ring shank remain yellow and where the diamonds are it is white gold only to make the diamonds appear larger. I love my ring more now. All my other jewlery is yellow gold. White wedding ring with yellow gold is my style!
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