Mixing Metals?

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Should I mix?

  1. Love them together!!!!

  2. Looks tacky - stick with only one color metal

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  1. Oh no, I am second-guessing myself now. I based the idea of wearing the Cartier love band with another ring after seeing how other TPF members stack theirs in this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/the-jewelry-box/love-ring-with-erings-and-other-stacks-800757.html. Right now I'm planning to get a really dainty pave solitaire ring to wear with it. In my mind the pair would look really nice together.

    I really want a Love bracelet and YG is my favorite one. I don't think I can swing getting one in platinum and I think WG would look off too. My dh would say the easy way to solve this problem is to not get any of them. Sigh.
  2. What if you got the YG Love bracelet and not the Love ring? Why would you want both the ring and the bracelet? (It sounds a little matchy to me. :shrugs:)

    Just something to think about. Then you can get 3 pieces that look good together - maybe a two-tone band that goes with an e-ring you love, and pulls in the yellow gold of the bracelet.
  3. +1
    I think both the bracelet and the ring look too matchy matchy for my taste-no offense to anyone who has both :smile:
  4. Have you considered the trinity ring instead? That would pull together the Love and your new engagement ring nicely!
  5. I want to second what others mentioned above, the love ring doesn't stack nicely with other rings. I wear a pink gold and yellow gold stacked and none of my other rings look great with them.
  6. Thank you everyone for weighing in. I think I'm going to look for a diamond band instead and hopefully find a Cartier bracelet in YG. That way I won't be too matchy matchy or too mismatched. (Ha!)
  7. I say get what you like; a lot of people mix metals now. It wasn't popular a long time ago, but nowadays you can do whatever you like and it is ok. I never mixed metals but I do now. The way I solve this problem is when I'm mixing, I wear a yellow gold ring with a big silver cuff that has yellow gold on it. One piece has the mixed colors, as does my nice watch, so when you incorporate one piece with both colors you can mix whatever you like with it, and it works. Hope this helps.
  8. I agree with this advice!
  9. For me it's got nothing to do with mixing metals but with mixing styles. The Love is actually a very masculine pipe cut ring that is rather wide, I think about 3mm? Most modern ER styles are more delicate or antique vibe and they just do not mesh well IMO with the love. Also, with the Love being already 3mm thick stacking that with another thick ring or rings is a lot of width on the finger. I know that I have slim but short fingers and I have learned the hard way that 4mm is my limit no matter how many rings are stacked. I would highly suggest you try the Love on with ER styles before you commit. Buy a basic sterling pipe cut band in the same width as the Love and try on to your hearts content. Best of luck!
  10. This exactly!
  11. hi guys i wanted to ask your opinions about mixing metals with your rings? i wear predominantly silver jewelry but i've fallen in love with the tiffany rose gold atlas ring and i can't get it out of my mind. so i was wnodering what you guys thought about mixing metals with rings/general opinion about that atlas ring in general.
    thanks :smile:

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  12. MIx away - totally chic!
  13. Aha! I would mix. I love to mix!
  14. The ring is gorgeous! Mix away!
    It's so lovely that it should be worn everyday!

    I sometimes stack rose gold and white gold rings. I think that mixing metals makes the color of each ring stand out more
  15. Why not :biggrin:

    For example, the Cartier Trinity collection :love: is all about mixing metals.
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