Mixing Metals?

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Should I mix?

  1. Love them together!!!!

  2. Looks tacky - stick with only one color metal

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  1. I think it purely depends on your personal preferences. Many of my friends, my Mom and cousin mix white, yellow and pink metals in jewellery, watch, accessories and it looks ok. Many of them have some two-tone items which makes it a bit easier.
    As for me, I prefer platinum or silver and never buy anything yellow or pink just because I don't like them at all. :sad: I prefer minimalist style, and these metals match it the best.
  2. Im happy this is still in style
  3. Replying in this thread rather than the other...the dove bracelet is from tiffany..it's the paloma picasso dove. Contemplating the love one in gold but think the peace and love concept might be too much..
  4. Thank you! I dont think so. Did u ever see the peace love world clothes? I have some and it would match real well peaceloveworld.com
  5. Im really into mixing nowadays so i wont feel like im overwearing yellow or white gold. I love stacking jewelry but it makes me feel like im a walking display cabinet if im stacking all yellow or all white gold
  6. I think it's purely a matter of personal taste. Do what makes you feel good!
  7. Platinum may look too gray and dark against sterling silver and gold. Silver and gold mixes well though...
  8. Im wearing rose gold hoops. Yg necklace and.white gold bangle. No laws for me.
  9. I have a rose gold thin chain bracelet. Mix with silver dbty. Here pix. Luv wearing together!

  10. My dh has asked me to pick out a new wedding band for our anniversary. I'm almost 100% decided on the Cartier love band in platinum. Next year, I will be getting a new e-ring to replace my current e-ring. I haven't decided on the design yet. Would love to hear opinions on the type of ring I should get that would stack well with the Cartier wedding band.

    Additional background: My e-ring no longer fits me and is apparently too delicate to re-size as it is vintage so instead we'll be upgrading. As for the band, I never got one since we couldn't find one that worked with the vintage ring. I have sentimental attachment to my e-ring but really never wear as it is too delicate for everyday wear. Kind of opposite of how I thought I'd be with my engagement ring.

    Lastly I really hope to get a Cartier love bracelet this year in yellow gold. Do you think it would look strange to wear the bracelet on the same hand as my Cartier love band in platinum? I've seen photos of people wearing the ring and bracelet in the same metal but not different.
  11. I have an issue with everything having to match, so I would prefer the same metal for both the band and bracelet. Lots of people mix metals and pull it off beautifully, though.
  12. The metal thing isn't the issue, but you will likely have a hard time with the band going with many ering styles. That's a hard band to wear with other rings, I think.
  13. This!
    I'd rather pick out both at the same time to make sure they look good together, and also fit together so they don't rub against each other and wear each other down.
    That said its your ring, or rings, so get what you love.
  14. If it were an option, I'd definitely pick them all out at the same time. I did lots of online searches and am leaning towards getting a pave ring or channel set ring. I've seen some others wear it like that and it looks nice, imo. Perhaps I should give up my hankering for the YG bracelet to prevent the clash of metals.
  15. I wear white gold bracelet with pink gold wedding ring all the time, I love how they match but are different! But I agree that it's not an easy band to wear with an ering.