Mixing Metals?

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Should I mix?

  1. Love them together!!!!

  2. Looks tacky - stick with only one color metal

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  1. Mixing metals is really popular now! I love the mix of rose gold with platinum or white gold. I say go for it!
  2. I also just started venturing out with mixing metals. If it looks good together, I would do it.
  3. I think it's more about mixing discordant styles than metal colors.

    For example, if your wedding set is delicate and floral, a masculine watch might not look good even if the metals matched.
  4. I've hopped on the white and rose metal train lately. Most of my jewelry pieces are white tones, but my e-ring and wedding band are rose gold. To make it come together, I've picked up a few pieces that have both metals in them. Helps alleviate my OCD.
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  5. I bought the crossover ring Bony Levy ring from Nordstrom's Anniversary sale in rose and white gold and love it. I also wear two DBTY bracelets in white on the same and would love a RG for Xmas.
  6. I have been mixing metals since years.. I didnt own a golden tone watch till recently. If it looks good then i go for it :smile:
  7. I want to buy more quality jewelry in YG or RG. Most of my jewelry is silver or WG. I love my jewelry and want to wear it as often I can. But it is very sad when I don't wear my jewelry in YG or RG.

    Do you think I can wear some silver pieces together with Gold? I think YG and RG can look very good together. Or WG and RG.

    Do you wear silver and Gold together?
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  8. Of course you can! I do. Some people prefer to be match-matchy and that is fine, too, but mixing, hey it's fun and fine (IMO)!
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  9. Agreed. I think the style of the jewelry is more important to keep "in the same family" than the color of the metals!
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  10. I’m very matchy matchy, so when I mix metals, I do it intentionally. Like a gold chain with a silver charm, a silver bracelet + a gold bracelet, and stud earrings paired off in my 4 earlobe piercings: a gold pair and a silver pair.