Michael Kors Color Comparisons

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  1. Wow beautiful bags. That's interesting about the emerald colour being hard to find. The purse I am buying was said to be authentic it looks it but now I'm worried
  2. Sometimes, sellers will confuse the color names. They may think the color is Emerald but MK called it another. MK has done several green shades over the years. Palm & Gooseberry are another 2 deep green shades he did.
  3. Does anybody have seen color Cashew IRL?
    How did it copare to luggage and acorn?
  4. I can't see the photos on this post! Is there any way you could post them again ?
  5. Soft pink - pale pink - fawn (first two photos). I rotated the colors a few times to try and get the most accurate color representation.
    IMG_0333.JPG IMG_0335.JPG IMG_0336.JPG IMG_0337.JPG
  6. Such gorgeous colors:girlsigh:! Is that pink the pale pink? I had one that was more salmon pink. This could almost pass for blossom, or is there more than one kind of pale pink? I would love bags in these colors:love:
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    Yep, pale pink. I bought it last fall as the Hamiltons were headed to outlet stores. It looks similar to blossom but is a warm-toned pink. I don't own anything in the blossom color but it's super pretty. I wish I had more in the pale pink as it's my favorite color. Fawn is much cooler toned than I had hoped but it's a good neutral for me.
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  8. Shot in the dark here, but does anyone have a comparison between Michael Kors blush in comparison with the Gucci marmont in the blush nude colour?
  9. I love the color Fawn! :heart:
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  10. So do I! It's like a mauve dark dune.
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  11. Love❤️❤️❤️
  12. IMG_0613.PNG Hello does anyone know what color this Selma is?
  13. Looks like Aqua
  14. Looks like peacock to me since it has silver hardware.
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  15. This looks like it might be deep teal to me!
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