Michael Kors Color Comparisons

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  1. Here's another picture. Kinda greenish? Teal?
  2. Pics
    IMG_0666.JPG IMG_0665.JPG
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  3. what a beautiful colors!
  4. First time bought MK saffiano leather, I'm a "soft leather girl" ;)

    Ava small - Dusty Blue & Selma med Ballet 20171021_115123.jpg 20171021_115123.jpg 20171021_115123.jpg
  5. Hannah small Dusty Rose & Ava small Dusty Blue 20171021_114944.jpg 20171021_115004.jpg
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  6. Hannah S Dusty Rose & Selma M Ballet, don't know how to edit
  7. I have a Hamilton in what looks just like this color, and it's Aqua.
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  8. Thank you:smile:
  9. Does anyone have a color comparison of pale blue vs sky.
  10. Does anyone have a color comparison of oyster vs any of the different various pinks MK sells (dusty rose, soft pink, ballet, etc.)

    I just ordered a bag in Oyster but I’m such a pink lover (hence my name) so I’d love to see what that color looks like next to pink hued bags.
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  11. My hubby just bought my my first bag and he said he picked oyster because it looked pink is it pink? Or what because I'm picky if it's brown or something else I'll be sad maybe we can switch the color
  12. Anyone have or seen ultra pink? Curious how this color compares to raspberry.
  13. Does anyone have color comparisons of Ballet vs Oyster?
  14. I don't see any pictures with your original post. Can you repost the photos? Looking for blush vs pale pink! Thanks!!
  15. The small Ava is blush and the card holder in front of it is pale pink. The first picture is without flash, and the second picture is with flash. On my screen, the first picture tends to capture the blush and pale pink colours well.
    WhatsApp Image 2018-03-28 at 9.57.38 PM(2).jpeg WhatsApp Image 2018-03-28 at 9.57.38 PM(3).jpeg