Michael Kors Color Comparisons

Aug 22, 2014
Melbo's comparison thread on style and size is very popular, so a couple of us thought having a separate color comparison thread would also be a great reference for us all.

I've attached some pictures of Dark Khaki vs Blush vs Pale Pink to start.

Let's see those colour family shots!:wlae:
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working it
Jul 26, 2010
San Diego, CA
So many pretty bags in here...this is dangerous! The BLUSH SELMA OMG..and Ubo's miranda totes... pretty much drooling over my coffee here. Everyone's bags are so beautiful!

Here's dark dune medium (left) vs. dark khaki medium (right)

Here's peanut medium selma messenger (with a hint of dark dune to the left)


Sep 26, 2011
LOVE these kinds of threads! They are soooo very helpful!! Ive always wanted to start threads with all my own comparison pictures in one easy to find place :smile:

It might be a good idea to have specific threads with no chat like the model thread we have here. Its super nice to go to the thread when you are looking for photos and not have to weed through pages and pages of comments in-between pictures :smile:

I personally like all the chat and to read others opinions, but having a separate thread for that would be ideal to me.