'Mes and Pets

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  1. In addition to the infamous and irresistible ribbons, my cats love H boxes.
    One of my cats enjoys watching me play with my scarves, he comes running when I get the boxes out.
  2. Juda, that is such a gorgeous kitty! Is he a Persian? I have a very floofy Himalayan just like him.
  3. So adorable! She loves H like her mom! :nuts::heart:
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  4. That is just so adorable! Your kitty has good taste!
  5. Oh my goodness- those faces!

    My cats tastes run to H as well.... :lol:



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  7. This is the exact expression on my face when the salesperson at Saks says they're out of something I'm looking to purchase...and I see another associate next to them showing them the item I want.
  8. Thank you for your nice comments.
    Than you all for the gorgeous kitties photos.
    Yes..my cats are Persians.
    Love, love and love...the cats expressions.
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  9. Thank you TresBeauHermes!
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  10. Ain't that the truth? :smile::smile::P
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  11. Here is my Himalayan boy, Kimba (his fur is still growing after his summer haircut), plotting world domination with Jezebel, while Dandy looks on and wants no part of it. IMG_5826.jpeg
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  13. Gorgeous cats !!!
    Kimba is going to need jezebel help if he wants to be taken seriously.
    Dandy seems to be the wise one.
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  14. Houston, we have a problem. Jezebel's ribbon tore in half and she is sad. Does anybody have any spare ribbon they could donate to her? I would Paypal shipping costs. I asked my husband if I could get another bag, which comes with ribbon, but he said "no" :doh:
  15. Both kitties approve their mama’s Hermes addiction ;)
    48C8C3B2-7180-4EBE-ADAC-7E11009DEB56.jpeg E2B194D0-9067-423D-85EB-78D50402C528.jpeg 3DFCEA75-33CC-4A34-B1B1-6FC469EE497F.jpeg 5F4667DE-357D-4AD0-A403-FCCD2A7949D0.jpeg